Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Contest: Please come up with the title for the next Dulcie book!

I'm at it again!!! Enter this contest to name the next Dulcie book!!!

Here are the guidelines:

The title needs to be a play on the title of another famous book. For example:

To Kill A Warlock was a play on To Kill A Mockingbird

A Tale of Two Goblins was a play on A Tale of Two Cities

Great Hexpectations was a play on Great Expectations

Wuthering Frights was a play on Wuthering Heights

I'll run this contest until the end of the month and then I'll pick my 5-10 favorites out of all the entries and you guys can vote on which one is your favorite.

Oh, and the winner will get a $50 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon and a thank you in the acknowledgements section of the new Dulcie book as well as the ability to read the book before it's released!

To enter, please just comment on this blog post and include your proposed title for the next Dulcie book.

Good luck and can't wait to see what you come up with!!!



  1. Replies
    1. I really like this one, this is the title I first thought of but you are fast!

    2. Crime and Pixiedust (Crime and Punishment)


  2. Tinker Bell Soldier Spy
    (tinker tailor soldier spy)

  3. Always love these contests! Here's a few ideas:

    - The Splendor Letter (The Scarlet Letter)
    - The Scarlet Potion (The Scarlet Letter)
    - Crime & Netherworld (Crime and Punishment)
    - War & Warlocks (War and Peace)


  4. Here's a couple for you

    Little Witches (as in Little Women)
    The Secret Spell (The Secret Garden)
    Through the Fairy Dust (Through the Looking Glass)
    A Christmas Hex (A Christmas Carrol)
    The Scarlet Loki (The Scarlet Letter)
    The Call of the Witch (Call of the Wild)
    Sorry if thats to many, I got excited! Lol

  5. I have a few ideas:

    Gone with the Witch (a play on Gone with the Wind)
    The Witch in White (a play on The Woman in White)
    Vanity Scare (a play on Vanity Fair)

  6. Haha man this is tough :) Here are a couple ideas:

    The Importance of Being Dulcie (The Importance of Being Earnest)
    Lokis and Punishment (Crime and Punishment)

    P.S. You are amazing, I love your books <3

  7. The Scarlet Leprechaun
    Lord of the Frights
    Gone with the Warlock
    The Maltese Fright
    The House of Mummies
    A Farewell to Alchemy

  8. The Poltergeist Always Rings Twice
    One Flew over the Celestial Nest
    The House of Mediums

  9. a midsummers night scream= A midsummers night dream
    Dulcies inferno= dantes inferno

  10. A Pixie In The Rye
    The Great Knightly
    Loki of the Flies
    The Red Badge of Cleavage (sorry, I had to do it)
    The Sound and the Loki
    War and Pixiedust
    Dulcie's Adventures in Splendor
    Through the Loki Glass
    Much Ado About Knightly
    Dulcie's Travels
    Around the Underworld in Eightly Days

  11. The Witch's Tale
    Through the Magic Glass
    The Bell Charm
    Vanity Fairy
    The Pixie Papers
    The Secret Goblin
    The Last of the Titans
    Netherworld Tales for Girls and Boys

    1. The original titles for these are:
      The Winter's Tale
      Through the Looking Glass
      The Bell Jar
      Vanity Fair
      The Pickwick Papers
      The Secret Garden
      The Last of the Mohicans
      Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys

  12. Forgot these:
    The Old Man and Dulcie
    A Farewell to Charms

    1. The original titles for these are:
      The Old Man and the Sea
      A Farewell to Arms

  13. The Loki, The Fairy, and the Wardrobe
    Hexer in the Rye
    Memoirs of a Fairy
    Fairy in Wonderland

  14. Goodnite Splender (Goodnight Moon)
    The Loki's Guide to the Netherworld (the Hitchhikers guide to the universe)
    Dulcie's Wrath (The grapes of Wrath)
    Netherworld Odyssey ( a Space Odyssey)
    The Fairy's Tale or The Loki's Tale ( the Winter's Tale)
    50 shades of a Loki ( 50 shades of Grey)

  15. In Love and Splendor (In love and War)

  16. The Call of the Loki (Call of the Wild)
    Through the Fairy Dust (Through the Looking Glass)
    A Midsummer Knight Dream (Knight not Night's)
    Much Ado about Knightley (Much Ado About Nothing)

  17. As I Lay Spellbound
    A play on 'As I Lay Dying' by William Faulkner!

  18. Gone with the Loki - Gone with the wind
    For whome the Loki Tolls- For whom the bell tolls
    Lomesome Loki- Lomesome Dove
    House of Netherworld-House of Mirth
    From here to Netherworld-From here to Eternity

    1. What an amazing gift to give your fans the chance to name one of your works of art. Thank you for your books.

  19. Replies
    1. Haha. Someone already said this!

      How about

      A Fairywell to Charms

  20. The Ghouls of Wrath?
    A midsummers night scream?
    Romeo and Ghouliette
    As you fright it?
    King lokie?
    Merchant of splendor?

  21. The Wind in the Pixiedust(The Wind in the Willows)

  22. Portrait of a Fairy- -Portrait of a Lady
    The Scarlet Loki - The Scarlet Letter
    Of Inhuman Bondage or Of Immortal Bondage- Of Human Bondage
    The Fairy Who Knew Too Much-- The Man Who Knew Too Much

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  24. Fifty shades of Dulcie
    Gone with the pixie dust

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  26. Something Witchy This Way Comes
    Vials And Tribulations
    The Redemption Of Dulcie
    Pride And Supernatural

    1. Haha No wonder Something Witchy This Way Comes sounded good....it's one of the next books in the Jolie Wilkins Series. WHOOPS!

  27. Hearts in Splendor (hearts in atlantis)
    Lord of the Netherworld (lord of the Rings)
    Divine Secrets of the ANC Divas (ya ya sisterhood)
    Ghoul Bloods (blue bloods)
    Queen of the Netherworld Damned (queen of the damned)
    The Other Fairy Girl (the other boleyn girl)

  28. War and Pieces (War & Peace)
    Lord of the underworld (lord of the flies)
    The sound and the fairy (the sound and the fury)
    The wings of wrath (the grapes of wrath)
    Good luck!! I can't wait to read it no matter which title you pick (but pick mine! lol)

  29. Pixie Dust Lost
    Paradise Lost

  30. Picture of Dulcie O'Neal
    The Cask of Fairy Dust
    The Tell Tale Fairy
    The Tell Tale Loki
    The Age of Fairy Dust

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  32. Twenty thousand hexes under the fairy dust
    The merry adventures of Dulcie O'neill
    Netherworld fairy tales
    Thecall of the pixie dust
    Fifty shades of fairy
    A girl of the fairy dust
    The land that no one forgot

    Brunnie Santiago from facebook

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  34. The Grapes of Wraith (Grapes of Wrath)

  35. What Dulce Did (what katy did susan coolidge)
    Dulce's Adventures in Lokiland (Alices adventures in wonderland carroll

  36. Dulcie's Travels (Gulliver's Travels)
    Splendor's Liaisons (Dangerous Liaisons)
    Nightmare Splendor (Nightmare Abby)
    The Pixie in Black (The Woman in White)
    The Portrait of a Pixie (The Portrait of a Lady)
    The Call of the ANC (The Call of the Wild)
    Journey to the Center of the Netherwold (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
    Brave New Netherworld (Brave New World--- maybe save this one for when the over through Dulcie's father?? I HOPE they do!!)

  37. The Dulcie Diaries
    The Family O'Neil
    Pride and Paranormal
    When Knightly met Dulcie

  38. A Walk In The Shrouds (A Walk In The Clouds)
    Sky Light (Twilight)
    Interview With A Dead Man ( Interview With A Vampire)
    Non-Sense & Instability (Sense & Sensibility)

  39. The Netherworld Games
    Knight of the Loki Table (that one is pretty silly but I had to include it!)
    Good Luck to everyone! I know HP will pick a good one!

  40. The Loki With A Fairy Tattoo

  41. Fright Fang
    All's Hell that Ends Hell
    Twelfth Fright
    Lord of the Frights
    Of Mice and Monsters
    Les Macabre
    Much Ado about Knightmares
    For Whom the Bell Trolls

  42. These are no where NEAR as good as what's listed but hey, at least I gave it a shot.

    Death of a Hexman(Death of a Salesman)
    Dulcie in Netherland (Alice in Wonderland)
    Of Fae and Loki( Of Mice & Men)
    Taming of the Loki (Taming of the Shrew)
    Netherworld Tales for Ghouls and Trolls
    (Tanglewood Tales for Girls & Boys)

  43. A Knight to Remember (A Walk to Remember)

  44. A Midsummer's Night Scream! (A midsummer's night dream)

    The Scarlett Fetter (The Scarlett Letter)

    Gone With the Sinned (Gone with the Wind)

  45. Dulcie's Adventures in Netherland - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    Tales of Magic and Potions - Tales of Mystery and Imagination
    Much Amuck About Splendor - Much Ado About Nothing
    The Joyful Pixies of Splendor (In Your Dreams) - The Merry Wives of Windsor

    I'm sorry Dulcie, the last one wouldn't remove itself from my mind.

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  47. A Fairy in a Bottle=A message in a bottle(nicholas Sparks)
    Dulcie Madder=Rose Madder (stephen king)
    Fairy Hextension=Fair Extension(king)
    Dulcie hears a boom/or boo!=horton hears a who.....lol...idk why i thought of that....

  48. Fae on a hot tin roof (Cat on a hot tin roof)
    For Whom the bell Trolls (For whom the bell tolls)
    Midsummer Night's Scream (Midsummer Night's Dream)
    Remains of the Fae (Remains of the Day)

  49. The Tale of Loki- The Tale of Genji
    the Portrait of a Fairy- The Portrait of a Lady
    The Riddle of the Night- The Riddle of the Sands
    The Pursuit of Pixiedust- The Pursuit of Love
    Dulcie's Web -Charlottes Web
    The Lokis Song- The Executioners Song
    MORBID NIGHTS - Northern lights

  50. "What to Expect When You're Hexing" (What to Expect when You're Expecting) or
    "The Witchhiker's Guide to the Fallacy" (The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy)

    ~Miranda Heitz

  51. There are so many good ones listed already. Here are a few that I hope I'm not repeating. Good Luck everyone!

    The Witch on the Hearth (The Cricket on the Hearth)
    The Witch Who Knew Too Much (The Man Who Knew Too Much)
    Fae Tales Every Troll Should Know(Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know)
    The Phantom of the Netherworld (Phantom of the Opera)
    From Misery to Witchery (From Misery to Mystery: Story of a woman trapped in a man's world)

  52. I stand by my last submission pride and fairy dust.

    1. This one HAS to win! My favorite by far!

  53. Chitty Chitty Fang Fang
    Tender is the Knight
    Knight Shift
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide

  54. Phantom of the Netherworld (phantom of the opera)

  55. For whom the spell tolls
    All quiet on the seelie front
    Of Loki & men
    The old man and the netherworld
    Cry the beloved fairy
    Loki in the rye

  56. My favorite:

    Fae Miserables (Les Miserables)

    Two Others:
    Around the Netherworld in Eighty Days

    The Comedy of Horrors (The Comedy of Errors)

  57. The Lokifather=The Godfather-Mario Puzo
    The Fae's of Wrath=The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
    Half Blood Knight-HP Jk rowling..had to, I love hp!
    Noosebumps=Goosebumps RL Stine
    The Joy of Arresting=The Joy of Cooking

  58. Much Ado About Netherworld

  59. The Age of Resistance

    War and Resistance

    Gone with the Elf

    1. The Age of Innocence
      War and Peace
      Gone with the Wind

  60. Netherworld Nights (arabian nights)
    The Hounds of Splendor (Baskerville)
    A passage to The Netherworld (India)
    A clockwork regulator (orange)
    A divine Loki (comedy)
    Gone with the pixies (wind)
    A farewell to fairies (arms)

  61. The sound and the fairy (fury)
    Uncle trey's cabin
    The last of the Lokis (mohicans)
    Journey to the center of splendor
    20000 leagues under the netherworld
    The chronicles of netherworld (narnia)
    Ok I'm done lol

  62. Sixth Sense and Sensibility (Sense and Sensibility)
    Crime and Banishment (Crime and Punishment)
    Harlot's Web (Charlotte's Web)
    Ghoul with the Wind (Gone with the Wind)
    Fangsfield Park or Dark (Mansfield Park)
    The Canterbury Spells (The Canterbury Tales)
    Wards of the Fairies (Lords of the Flies
    The Amulet Letter (The Scarlett Letter)
    The Siren Garden (The Secret Garden)

    done for now

  63. Frightening Nights (Arabian Nights)
    Ghouling Nights (Arabian Nights)
    Art of Witchcraft (Art of War)
    Art of Pixiedust (Art of War)
    The Hexable (The Crucible)
    This Side of Frights (This side of Paradise)
    The Age of Wickedness (The Age of Innocence)

    -Sheri Watts

    1. I also thought of
      This Side of Pixie (This side of Paradise)

    2. OR This side of Pixie dust

    3. I fixed my google ID to show my name, sorry it is showing as unknown.

  64. ok not done for now
    Animal Charms (Animal Farm)

  65. How about:

    A Midsummer Knight's Curse ~ A Midsummer Night's Dream
    The Taming of the warlock ~ The Taming of the Shrew
    Dulcie's Hexpectations ~ Needs no introduction (couldn't resist)

  66. Here are a few:
    The Fairy Wives of Splendor-The Merry Wives of Windsor

    The Comedy of Terrors-The Comedy of Errors

    The Last of the Loki-The Last of the Mohicans

    Through the Spooking Glass-Through the Looking Glass
    -Breanna Dean

  67. The Portal and the Pendulum
    The Tell - Tale Soul
    20,000 Legions Under the Potions
    20,000 Souls Under the Potions
    Journey to the Center of the Abyss
    A Midnight Underworld Scream
    A Midnight Netherworld Dream
    Around the Netherworld in Eighty Days
    The Hellhound of Netherworld
    The Secret Portal
    Through the Ghostly Portal


    Okay Past my bedtime need sleep :P

    Good Luck everyone! Love this series!!

  68. Just a few suggestions...
    Pixie & Prejudice (Pride & Prejudice)
    The Fairy is a Lonely Hunter (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter)
    Grim Fairy Tales (Grimm's Fairy Tales)
    Dulcie's Inferno (Dante's Inferno)
    The Fall of the House of O'Neil (The Fall of the House of Usher)
    Two Gentlemen of Splendor (Two Gentlemen of Verona)
    The Fairy Also Rises (The Sun Also Rises)

  69. Catch Daddy Too- catch 22 only because.at the end of the last one she meets her dad.

  70. fellowship of the fairy (the fellowship of the ring)
    anne of green goblins (anne of green gables)
    the man in the iron cauldron (the man in the iron mask)
    this side of pixie-dust (this side of paradise)
    a midsummer night's scream (a midsummer nights dream)
    beyond good and elves (beyond good and evil)

  71. The cursable ( the crucible)
    beauty and the hell-hound (beauty and the beast)
    for whom the bell trolls (for whom the bell tolls)
    100 years of sorcery (100 years of solitude)
    as you jinx it (as you like it)
    the great ghostie (the great gatsby)
    like water for promotions (like water for chocolate)

  72. A Midsummer Knight's Dream (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
    What the Knight knows (What the Night Knows by Koontz)
    Hex, Lies and Dinner dates (Sex, Lies and videotapes)

    1. Hex, Lies and Dinner Dates is fantastic!

  73. Here are a couple:
    50 ways of a witch,
    In love and Loki
    the witch in the windows
    The witch in white
    Little witches
    A midsummer Knights scream

    hope you like these!
    milldirt at msn dot com

  74. Here are my attempts :o)

    The Netherworld's Advocate
    A Nightmare on Warlock Street
    Art of the Warlock
    Cauldrons and Broomsticks
    Netherworld's List
    One Flew Over the Witches Cauldron

    Good Luck to Everyone!
    Megan @ megan_duncan @ live dot com

  75. One Fairy, Two Fairy, Red Fairy, Blue Fairy
    Wicked Knight
    A Farewell to Charms
    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Netherworld

  76. Valley Of The Fairies
    The Pixie Prophecy
    The Pixie Games


  77. The Great Pixie (The Great Gatsby)
    Breaking Melchior (Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyers)
    An Ideal Loki (An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde)
    Are you my lover? (Are you my mother by P.D. Eastman)
    A Thief in the Netherworld (A Thief in the Night by E.W. Hornung)
    What to Expect when you're Hexpecting (What to Expect when your expecting)

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  79. Here are mine...
    Crime and Ghoulisment (Crime and Punishment)
    All's Spell that End's Spell (All's Well that End's Well

  80. fun!!

    Gone with the sinned( Gone with the wind)
    the goblins of wrath(The grapes of wrath)
    Jane scare (Jane Eyre)
    Of Mice and loki (of mice and men)
    The art of warlocks (the art of war)
    The call of the vampire (The call of the wild)
    The enchanterbury tales (the Canterbury tales)
    Common Sins (Common Sense)
    The count of Splendor (The count of Monte cristo)
    Dulcie's Fairy tales (Grimm's Fairy Tales)
    The legend of creepy Hollow (The Legend of sleepy hollow)
    The three Manticores (The three Musketeers)
    The pixies of the opera (The phantom of the opera)
    The war of the werewolves (The war of the worlds)
    The spell-Tale heart (The tell-tale heart)
    The wind in the will-o'-the wisps (Wind in the willows)
    The Pursuit of loki's (The pursuit of love)

    I hope this was not too many!

    1. sorry Khalima didnt see you had already put gone with the sinned!

  81. ~The Pixies Prophecy~

    ~Le Petit Pixie~ Le Petit Prince

    ~A Message to Knightly(or a Loki)~ A Message to Garcia

    ~A Pixies Guide to the Netherworld~ The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    ~Are you there Hades? It's me, Dulcie? Are you there God? It's Me, Margret Judy Bloom

  82. Pixie Wars: A Daughter Strikes back! Silly to use Star Wars but I thought it might funny

  83. The Pixie Has Landed. The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins

  84. Dulcie-ella
    Sleeping Fairy
    The Wizard of Splendor (or Netherworld)
    The Phantom of the Netherworld

  85. For Whom the Spell Tolls (Go Team Jenny!)

  86. A Midsummer Nightmare (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
    Rumpelsnakeskin (Rumpelstiltskin)
    The Bloodline Comedy (The Divine Comedy)
    The Divine Knightly (The Divine Comedy)
    Spellbound the Moon (Around the Moon)
    A Midsummer Knightmare (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

  87. Around the Netherworld in Eighty Days (Around the World in 80 Days)
    The Call of The Fairy ( The Call of The Wild)
    Dulcie's Travels (Gulliver's Travels)
    Vanity Fairy (Vanity Fair)

  88. Some of these have been riffed on before, but...

    A Farewell to Amulets (A Farewell to Arms)
    A Fair Spell to Arms (A Farewell to Arms)

    Brave Newt World (Brave new world)

    Potion's Progress (Pilgrim's Progress)

    The Witch in the Willows (The Wind in the Willows)

  89. Slaughterhouse five – slaughterhouse psi

    Catcher in the rye – catcher in the wry

    Call of the wild – call of the banshee

    For whom the bells toll – For whom the demons toll

    The sound and the fury – the bound and the fairy

    A midsummer night’s dream– a midsummer night’s scream

    The importance of being earnest – the importance of being celestial

  90. My Fair loki (my fair lady)
    The witches letter (the scarlet letter)
    The splendor games (the hunger games)
    The pixi games
    Fifty shades of fey
    The witch's book (the jungle book)

  91. Enforce and Enforceability (Sense and Sensibility)
    The Wary Fairy of Splendor (The Merry Wives of Windsor)
    The Fairies O'Neil (The Brothers Karamazov)
    My Fae Lady (My Fair Lady)
    The Crime Machine (The Time Machine)
    The Fairy's Pride (The Princess Bride)
    The Comedy of Weres (The Comedy of Errors)

  92. I didn't check to see if any of these have been said but here are my ideas! =)

    Brave new netherworld
    Pride and fairy dust
    The fairies of wrath
    One lonely knight
    Catch-her in the lie

  93. War and Tease

    The Hexecutioner's Song

  94. the call of the fae
    the scarlett scar
    tender is the knight
    women in loath

  95. Sins of the Fairy --Sins of the Father

  96. Of Sprites and Men
    The Phantom of the Netherworld

  97. 1. The Tamming of the Ghoul (The Tamming of the shrew)
    2. All's Fair in Love and Magic (All's Fair in Love and war)

  98. The Call of the Wicked - The Call of the Wild by Jack London.


    The Merchant of Potions - The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

    Jess Dix

  99. here's my contribution....

    Dulci et Decorum Est
    Dulcies adventures in Netherland
    South of Splendour
    The war of the (Nether)worlds
    Brave new Netherworld
    Catcher of the Lies
    The Prime of Miss Dulcie O'Neil
    One hundred years of Netherland
    Witch, Fairy,Regulator,Spy

    some of these have already been suggested i see so i guess some of us are on the same wavelength!!

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  101. Splendid Potions
    Daddy Dearest
    Lies and Spies I do Despise
    Resilient Resistance
    Liar Liar Pants on Fire

  102. Pride, Prejudice, and Potions
    Lord of the Loki

  103. Out of Splendour
    Bram's Lullaby

  104. Hope we do not duplicate...
    Mask of the Red Dulcie (Pixie)
    A Separate Pixie
    Through the Pixie-glass
    Brave New Wolf (Dulcie)
    A Pixie's Carole
    A Pixie in Time
    The Importance of Being Magic
    Fall of the House of Warlocks
    Much Ado About Knightly
    Pixie with the Loki Tattoo

  105. The Devil Wears Wings
    The Devil Wears Fangs- The Devil Wears Prada
    A Swiftly Tilting Netherworld - A Swiftly Tilting Planet

  106. Pride and Warlocks = Pride and prejidous
    Of Warlocks and Men = Of Mice and Men
    Grim Pixie Tales = Grimm Fairy Tales
    Red Badge of Fright = Red badge of courage

    Hope you like these! And hopefully no one else has thought of them! :)

  107. A midsummer Knight's Scream!

  108. The Call of the Reviled (Call of the Wild)
    The Great Ghastly (Great Gatsby)
    The Body Snatcher in the Rye (Catcher in the Rye)

  109. Handful of Pixie Dust (Handful of Dust - Evelyn Waugh)
    A Farewell to Charms (A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway)
    A Prayer for Screaming Meanies (A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving)
    The Portrait of a Loki (The Portrait of a Lady - Henry James)
    As I Lay Scrying (As I Lay Dying - William Faulkner)
    Northanger Crabby (Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen)
    A Comedy of Horrors (A Comedy of Errors - William Shakespeare)
    Love's Lokis Lost (Love's Labours Lost - William Shakespeare)
    Around the Netherworld in 80 days (Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne
    The Prisoner of Splendour (The Prisoner of Zenda - Anthony Hope)
    The Fairy Who Came in From the Cold (The Spy Who Came In From the Cold - John le Carré) - This one seemed appropriate after Dulcie's undercover work.

  110. The Dead Badge of Courage....Red Badge of Courage or The ANC Badge of Courage

  111. I hope there are not any repeats, thank you for letting your fans be apart of your new book! Yay!!!!!
    Catc-her hand in the potions jar- catcher in the rye
    A fairy's adventure in netherworld-Alice
    The netherworld wars-the looking glass wars
    The wind in the netherworld- the wind in the willows
    Potions and fairy dust- pride and prejudice
    The great frightsby- the great gatsby
    And my favorite
    Midnight in the garden of fairy and Loki
    Ok I could go on forever lol good luck everyone! I have read some of them and there amazing! :-)

  112. Dulcie O’Neill’s Diary
    Vanity Scare
    The taming of the Loki
    The Scarlet Fairy or The Scarlet Loki
    The Call of the Resistance
    A MidNetherworld Night’s Scream

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  114. Twelfth Fright
    Are you there Hades, it's me, Dulcie
    Who's Afraid of Dulcie O'Neill?
    The Loki, the Fairy and the Wardrobe

    Thanks for the contest!!

  115. The importance of Being Supernatural
    Sense and Supernatural-Ability

  116. Ok Her Prettiness here goes:

    Twelfth Fright (Twelfth Night)
    Merchant of Menance (Merchant of Venice)
    A Midsummer's Nightmare, (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
    Ashes You Like It (As You Like It)

    Can you tell I'm a Shakespeare fan?

    1. Ooooh! I like 'Merchant of Menace".

  117. Lord of the Faerie (Lord Of the Flies)
    The Faerie Prophecy (The Celestine Prophecies)

  118. The Fairy, the Witch and the Elf Lord (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)
    A Brave New Underworld (A Brave New World)
    Don Quiloki (Don Quixote)
    The Ghouls of Wrath (The Grapes of Wrath)
    Of Fae and Men (Of Mice and Men)
    The Great Knightly (The Great Gatsby
    The Little Loki (The Little Prince)

    1. Or maybe even The Faerie, the Witch and the Warlock...

  119. A Tale of Two Dulcies (A Tale of Two Cities)
    Are You There Hades, it's Me, Dulcie (Are You There God, it's Me, Margaret)

  120. The Importance of Being Dulcie
    A Midsummer Night's Scream

  121. The Potionman Always Rings Twice

  122. All's Hell That Ends Well- All's Well That Ends Well
    Little Demons- Little Women
    A Good Loki Is Hard To Find- A Good Man is Hard To Find
    Of Frights and Men- Of Mice and Men
    Of Magic and Men- Of Mice and Men
    Dulcie's Choice- Sophie's Choice
    Crime and Enchantment- Crime and Punishment
    The Liar, The Witch, and The Warlock- The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
    Much Ado About Frightening- Much Ado About Nothing
    The Curses of Wrath- The Grapes of Wrath
    The Lord of the Screams- The Lord of The Rings
    I Know Why The Caged Fae Screams- I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
    20,000 Leagues Under A Scream- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Mummy Dearest- Mommy Dearest
    The Oddity- The Odyssey
    A Grave New Word- A Brave New World
    The Most Dangerous Fae- The Most Dangerous Game

  123. Netherworld Lost (Paradise Lost)
    Elf of Darkness (Heart of Darkness)
    Brave New Netherworld (Brave New World)
    Elf of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables)
    Little Haunt on the Prairie (Little House on the Prairie)
    Much Ado About Curses (Much Ado About Nothing)
    Little Lord Hauntleroy (Little Lord Fauntleroy - I couldn't help myself!)
    The Pixiewick Papers (The Pickwick Papers)
    Silas Mourner (Silas Marner)
    The Witch of Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo)
    The Merry Wives of Werewolves (The Merry Wives of Windsor)
    Sense and Spell Ability (Sense and Sensibility)
    The Call of the Witch (The Call of the Wild)
    Warlock and Peace (War and Peace)
    The Charms of Wrath (The Grapes of Wrath)
    A Good Were is Hard to Find (A Good Man is Hard to Find)
    Where Fairies Fear to Tread (Where Angels Fear to Tread)
    The Spell Jar (The Bell Jar)
    The Iliad and the Oddity (The Iliad and the Odyssey)

    1. Animal Charm (Animal Farm)
      Far from the Demon Crowd (Far from the Madding Crowd)
      Charms and Punishment (Crime and Punishment)
      Spells Fall Apart (Things Fall Apart)
      Cry, the Beloved Fairy (Cry, the Beloved Country)
      All the Elf's Men (All the King's Men)

  124. Wiccan Soup for the Soul(Chicken Soup for the Soul)
    Dulcie and the Purple Demon(Harold and the Purple Crayon)
    The Elfin Chronicles(The Martian Chronicles)
    East of Hades(East of Eden)
    Where Fairies Fear to Tread(Where Angels Fear to Tread)
    The Elf Whisperer(The Horse Whisperer)
    Dulcie and the Netherworld Factory(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
    A Fairy in Time(A Wrinkle in Time)
    From Hades to Eternity(From Here to Eternity)
    Interview With a Fairy(Interview With a Vampire)
    Dulcie Shrugged(Atlas Shrugged)
    Pixieship Down(Watership Down)
    The Elf Runner(The Kite Runner)
    The Elf-Father(The Godfather)
    ..and these last two are just for fun ;)
    Lean Legs of Sam(Green Eggs and Ham)

    Thanks for the contest H.P! We love you!!

  125. For Whom the Spell Tolls...For Whom the Bell Tolls

  126. Dulcie's Complaint - Portnoy's Complaint
    The Story of Loki - The Story of O
    The Great Goblin - The Great Gatsby
    Gone with the Pixies - Gone with the Wind
    Catch-666 - Catch-22
    Dulcie's Web - Charlotte's Web
    A Room with a Pixie - A Room with a View
    The Divine Dulcie - The Divine Comedy
    Breakfast at Dulcie's - Breakfast at Tiffany's
    The Art of Witchery - The Art of War
    Waiting for Goblins - Waiting for Godot
    Something Witchy This Way Comes - Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Memoirs of a Goblin - Memoirs of a Geisha

  127. The Fairy, The Loki and The Netherworld (the Lion The witch and the wardrobe)

  128. I didn't read through all of the suggestions so I apologize if these are duplicates.
    Go Ask Dulcie - Go Ask Alive
    Of Mice and Loki - Of Mice and Men
    A Tree Grows in Splendor - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
    Earth and Underworld - North and South
    All Quite on the Splendor Front - All Quite on the Western Front
    I Know Why the Caged Fairy Sings - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
    Dulcie's Choice - Sophie's Choice

  129. The Loki, The Witch and The Werewolf
    Of Minions and Men
    Netherworld Ho!
    Blonde Beauty

  130. Hitchhiker's Guide to Splendor

    For Whom the Fae Tolls

    Suspense and Splendability

    Dulcie in Wonderland

    Dulcie in Netherland



    A Midsummer Knight's Dream (my favorite!)

  131. The Elf Who Knew Too Much (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

    Knight's in Rodanthe (Nights in Rodanthe)

    At First Fright (At First Sight)


  132. Sidhe (Who Must Be Obeyed) - She (H. Rider Haggard)
    The Diary of a Gnome - The Diary of a Nobody
    Warts & Pizza - War and Peace
    The World According to Dulcie - The World According to Garp
    Cold Comfort Charm - Cold Comfort Farm
    Zen and the Art of Witchcraft - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  133. For Whom All Hell Tolls

    For Whom All Smell Trolls

    For Whom the Elf Controls or Patrols


  134. Being Wicked

    megan_duncan @ live dot com


  135. So I tried to not read these because I didn't want to repeat any because it stuck in my head! Here is a few that I came up with!

    Bag of Tricks-----------Bag oF Bones
    The Fairy Mile----------The Green Mile
    The Good Fairy----------The Good Earth
    Fairy Trick-- ----------Moby Dick
    Dust in the Wind--------Gone with the Wind
    The Walking Mystics-----The Walking Dead
    Fairy Trick-------- ----Moby Dick
    Lord of the Bites-------Lord of the Flies
    The Three Mysticteers---The Three Musketeers
    Fairy's Fables----------Aesop's Fables

  136. Oops, missed an obvious permutation of one I did earlier...

    The Story of O'Neil - The Story of O

  137. Taming of the Brew (Taming of the Shrew);
    A Witch with a Wand (A Room with a View);
    Twitchy Island (Treasure Island);
    The Witch and The Warlock (The Prince and The Pauper);
    Around the World in Hexy Ways (Around the World in Eighty Days);
    Pagan & Paradox (Pride & Prejudice);
    Pagan & Wanderlust (Pride & Prejudice);
    Witch and Fairy Dust (Pride & Prejudice);
    Magical Twist or Magic Twist (Oliver's Twist); and
    Adventures of Dulcie Oneil.

    This was fun...thanks! kfdailey@triad.rr.com

  138. Field of Screams
    Field of Fiends
    (Field of Dreams)

  139. Scorn of Witches (Scorn of Women by Jack London)

    Tender is the Knight (Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald)

    This Side of Splendor (This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald)

    The Little Magic Girl (The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson)

    For Whom the Banshee Tolls

    Doppelgänger's Inferno

    Under the Harpy Tree (Under the Willow Tree by Hans Christian Anderson)

    The Invisible Nymph (H.G. Wells)

    Omens-field Park (Mansfield Park by Jane Austen)


  140. Pride and Potions (Pride and Prejudice)
    Spells and Spookability (Sense and Sensibility)
    The Catcher in the Knight (The Catcher in the Rye)
    The Hexes of Darkness (The Heart if Darkness)

  141. Witchy Charm(s) - Animal Farm
    The Loki, the Elf and the Werewolf - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
    The Steaming Cauldron - The Secret Garden

  142. War and Potions (war and Peace)
    Of Magic and Menace (Of Mice and Men)
    The Portrait of a Fairy (The Portrait of a Lady)
    The Catcher in the Resistance (The Catcher in the Rye)
    The Pixie of the Opposition (The Phantom of the Opera)

  143. The song of goblets and spells (the song of fire and ice)
    Blue Moon or blue's moon (new moon)
    Goblets Fire (catching fire)
    The Goblet(s) of fire( the throne of fire)


  144. Ok here it goes
    The fairy, the Loki and the Vampire = The good , the bad and the ugly

    Pride and the prejudice of a Loki = Pride and Prejudice
    Gone with the fairy dust = Gone with the wind

  145. Where the Red Fang Goes (Where the Red Fern Grows)