Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mystical Monday

Okay so obviously it isn't Monday but I like the alliteration in "Mystical Monday" and "Mystical Tuesday" just doesn't have the same ring to it. I promise to be on time next week!

As you might remember, I decided to revamp this blog and actually make it interesting so as part of that, today I'm going to introduce to you the mystical creature of the week...Brownies!

And, no, don't think chocolate fudge with walnuts...think little household elves in Scotland...


* are invisible to adults. Children can see them
* they don't like to be seen and therefore only work at night
* are considered elves or household goblins
* most live in farmhouses and other country buildings within Scotland
* they make their homes in any unused sections of the farmhouses in which they reside

Fun fact: This is how you spell Brownie in Scottish Gaelic: brunaidh, uruisg or gruagach (I would love to hear any of you try and pronounce that!)

Will work for food!
Although Brownies don't like traditional forms of payment (they won't take cash or credit) they do like payments in the form of food. And they especially like porridge and honey.

What do Brownies do?

They basically do the household work for whatever family they live with! OMG love!! And the household doesn't even have to pay them! Love that even more! (Actually if a Brownie is offered payment, they vanish and never return to that family...)

Brownies are said to be very protective creatures, especially of the family they live with and they become very attached to the these families. So if the family decides to up and move, guess who's coming with them? The invisible goblin maids!

So next time you're depressed about the mess in your house, pack up plenty of cream of wheat and honey and move to Scotland...if not for the Brownies, then for the hot men in kilts!

Here's a pic of a Brownie:


  1. I'll feed a Brownie they it will put up all that laundry on my bedroom floor right now! :)

  2. Ooh, I wish they had these in America ;)

  3. I need a Brownie and a Brownie please!!!!

  4. So I need to move to Scotland for a housecleaning for no pay dessert? Sweet. Don't forget the brogue. I'm currently infatuated with Scots so I'm also in love with your blog. Sorry gotta go pack my bags. Oan the morns morn a return tae Alba. (That's my bad Scots for tomorrow I return to Scotland)

  5. so that would be Dobby in the Harry Potter series, right? He would be a Brownie.

  6. I'm a huge fan of the SYFY series "Lost Girl" and last Monday episode had a brownie who was employed by one of the main characters.