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Interview with Paranormal Romance author, HT Night!

Hi All!
I have a special guest on my blog today! His name is HT Night and he's an indie author of paranormal romance. I think you all would really enjoy his books so I wanted to get him on my blog! So, without further's HT!

HP: Hi HT and welcome to my blog. Thank you for being here and I'm so excited to get to know you better!

HT: Thank you for having me. I am very excited to speak with you. I have admired you for some time.

HP: Ah, thank you! So, your first question, what would you say your books are about? Are they a series?

HT: My main series is Vampire Love Story. It's about a young man who gets thrown into a paranormal world and discovers himself in the process. It's about his journey and all that he is not to force to deal with. Along the way, he makes great friends.

I think it's an extremely different kind of paranormal romance. It is told from a male's perspective, but I believe it still appeals to women because he's very passionate about everything. The series is about friendship and love as well as vampires and werewolves.

HP: How many books do you have out right now?

HT: As of today, I have five novels and one screenplay out.

HP: Which of your books would you recommend for my readers to start with?

HT: I would recommend Vampire Love Story or Werewolf Love Story to start with. Vampire Love story is told through Josiah Reign's eyes and it will give the reader a foundation of all the characters and where they are going. I would also recommend for a reader to start with Werewolf Love story if they wish because the story takes place five years earlier. The book is through Josiah's best friend Tommy's eyes.

HP: So, not all my readers know that your brother is the paranormal bestseller, JR Rain. Have you guys worked on any books together?

HT: Yes. He is my brother. J.R. is a beast. He has been pursuing a career in writing since he was thirteen years old. We used to write Choose Your Own Adventure books when we were kids. J.R. inspires me and encourages me on a daily basis. He is my main reason why I have decided to to this full time. He has always believed in my story telling abilities and I think he is a brilliant writer. Scott Nicholson, he and I are writing a book called 'Night School' together. My brother and have also been talking seriously about writing a paranormal book about William Shakespeare.

HP: Can you give us an average day in the life of HT Night, vampire author?

HT: It depends on the day. Over the past two months, I wrote Werewolf Love Story and Forever and Always(Vampire Love story book #3) simultaneously. So the last two months have mainly been about writing. I get up around 6:30 a.m. and go for a walk for about an hour. Feed my eight year old son, and then we usually snuggle and watch cartoons or play video games. Then I take my son to his Nana's house (my mom) and then I drive over to B'Daulton Bookseller in Riverside. I sit down at their cafe and write or edit for three to four hours. I love writing there because it inspires me being around all those great books. They also make great soup. After that, I pick my son up and go back home and spend the rest of the day writing and editing at my house. Usually in the evening, I take my son to the park or the pool. I like to end my day by walking or doing something physical.

HP: Do you believe in ghosts?

HT: That's an awesome question because that speaks to the core of me. It's my analytical brain versus my spirituality heart. I'd say most days I do believe in ghosts, because it is my belief that there's so much we don't know. Ask my brother J.R. about the time we burnt a book because we thought it was possessed as kids.

HP: What did you do before becoming an author?

HT: I was teacher. I taught elementary school and then I was a CEO of an after school company. We would teach drawing, acting, writing, board games and sports.

HP: Are any of your characters modeled after you or people you know?

HT: Tommy and Josiah are a lot like my brother and I. Tommy has my sense of humor and Josiah physically looks like my brother and I did in our early 20's. Yari is a mixture of all the tough women I have dated over the years. Lena (Vampire Love story) and Maya (Werewolf Love story) represent the kind of women I have always fallen for.

HP: What do you love most about being an author?

HT: I love creating characters that I fall in love with. I love it when I'm writing a scene and it consumes me. I'll be writing it for a couple of hours straight and then I look up at the clock and I feel like I had just experience everything I just wrote. It's like I just lived it, then I need a good snap back to reality. My son is good at giving me those.

HP: Would you ever consider becoming a traditionally published author?

HT: Definitely. I would love to someday be have a series or two in bookstores.

HP: What is your favorite book?

HT: 'Ender's Game' by Orson Scott Card. I also love... wait for it. Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller. I think both books are styles I try to emulate. I love a good action scene, but I'm a sucker for romance.

HP: Who has had the biggest influence on you in terms of your writing career?

HT: Like I said earlier. My brother is bar none my biggest influence. Sometimes I read chapters of his and I'm in awe of how he constructs his thoughts so it has a fluidity that is similar to a melodic scale. J.R. Rain in my inspiration as a writer and as a human being. There is no one more generous and or as thoughtful and caring as he. He's a good man. Oh by the way, he is available ladies.

HP: Do you have any advice for other authors out there or people who are thinking of becoming indie authors?

HT: Follow your own style. If it's something you were meant to do, you will find an audience. Also, don't allow your worth to be translated in what people write about you.

HP: Thank you so much for spending some time with us! I really appreciate it! I can't wait to meet up with you at our August book signing in Seattle! Thanks again, HT!!!!!

HT: Thank you H.P.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And the winner is...

Caitlin Boberg with her fantastic title, Great Hexpectations!
I love this title and I'm so excited about it.
And a huge shout out to Jenny Wilson for her awesome title, For Whom the Spell Tolls!
Thank you all for entering and more to come about the next Dulcie book, Great Hexpectations, soon!!!

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Please vote for your favorite title for the next Dulcie book!

Hi All,

I know I said I would run this contest until June 15th but I got so many amazing suggestions, I decided to end it today and post my favorite 5 suggestions, ahem 10 suggestions. Seriously, they were so good, I couldn't narrow them to 5 so here are my top 10.

Please just vote for one title.

And, I have to say how much I love you guys! Your suggestions were so impressive--they just bowled me over and I laughed out loud repeatedly. Because you all are much better at this than I am, I'm going to make a tradition out of this contest for each new Dulcie release.

Thank you all so much!

Now....let's vote!!!

Name That Dulcie Book

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Introducing Indie Author, Scott Nicholson

Hi All,

I have a special interview today with an indie author who I have always looked up to. When I first became a self-published author, Scott's name was always thrown around as one of the indies who had really made it--someone who could write and had fabulous stories. Luckily, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Scott and I've enjoyed it immensely. So, I wanted to introduce Scott to all of you who might not know of him and urge you to try some of his books.

Scott Nicholson is the author of 12 or so novels, including the Top 100 bestsellers Liquid Fear and Disintegration, as well as seven story collections, six screenplays, four comics series, and three children's books. He's also put out The Indie Journey: Secrets to Writing Success.

HP: Hi Scott, welcome to my blog and thanks so much for stopping by!

S: Thanks, HP, I'm honored to be here. I've watched the way you've built your success and it's inspiring.

HP: So, the first question I have for you is all about how you got started as an indie author. For those of you who don't know, Scott's name was always one I heard when I just started out as an indie. He was definitely recognized as someone who was a fantastic writer and a success. I'd love to know how you found yourself on the road to indiedom?

S: Equal parts inspiration and desperation. I'd been through New York and agents and all that but I'd hit a dead spot in my career where I couldn't get much traction. I had the rights back to my first novel The Red Church and was looking at ways to get it back out to readers. Luckily, it coincided with the e-book explosion. After six months and the same old agent "I can't sell this," I decided I should put up every novel I'd been shopping and start looking for readers instead of that one editor who might like it. I haven't looked back since. I'm humbled and grateful for this rare opportunity.

HP: What is the easiest and hardest part about self publishing?

S: The easiest part is just doing it, which is also the hardest part. You really need creative drive at every level, from writing to product development to marketing. But you have to enjoy the writing first. I see indies who are already giving up, because they read blogs that suggest all indies will be millionaires. The truth is, few are going to win the lottery. That's why it's a lottery. For most of us, this is just a job in the arts, where you work hard and maybe 10 or 15 years later your small business starts turning a profit if you're lucky.

HP: Can you tell us about your books? Do you write series or standalones and which would you say would be good ones for my readers to start with?

S: Every book I write has an out for a sequel. The Red Church has a loose sequel with a recurring main character in Drummer Boy, and Archer McFall will be the third in the series when I have time to write it. I am currently writing the Liquid Fear sequel, Chronic Fear, and there's a third in that series as well. Your paranormal fans might enjoy October Girls, in which a teen witch and her dead best friend employ trailer-trash magic to save the world from the unborn twin of James Dean. Other books I write will depend on what readers want. I'll write whatever they support the most, because they are my boss in every sense of the word.

HP: I think you've co-written a book with JR Rain? What is the name of the book and is it available? How was that process--did you find it difficult to write with someone else?

S: We have three: Cursed! and The Vampire Club were from old first drafts J.R. had written and I revised and sprinkled Scott dust on them. Ghost College was kicked back and forth in alternating chapters, and we're doing the same thing in a round-robin with vampire star H.T. Night. J.R. is an amazing storyteller and his warmth and humanity really come through. I tend to be a little harder-edged with a little dry humor, so it's a fun blend. Working with him has definitely made me a better writer.

HP: What advice would you offer other aspiring authors?

S: Write every day. I've always said that. Be open to possibility and don't get caught up in the "Indie vs. Trad vs. Amazon vs. Apple vs. BN" stuff. Do what's best for you today and be prepared to change tomorrow, because change is the only constant I've seen in the digital revolution.

HP: What is one fact about yourself that would surprise your readers?

S: It's funny to me that people assume I am "dark" or "violent" just because I indulge in certain kinds of make-believe. I'm a gardener at heart, patient, persistent, optimistic.

HP: Would you ever consider becoming a traditionally published author or would you prefer to stay indie all the way?

S: I've been there with six books, so I know the downsides, and there are many. I know the upsides and downsides of indie pretty well, except of course the uncertain future. I am open to trying anything at any time, because tomorrow will not be like today. The great thing for indies is they now know what they are worth and they have options that didn't exist five or 10 years ago. I just wrote an article at about how none of us are truly indies because we all need other people.

HP: What is your favorite movie?

S: Varies, but today I will go with The Princess Bride.

HP: Do you believe in ghosts?

S: I believe in the possibility. I've been a ghost hunter and I hosted two paranormal conferences at haunted locations, which inspired my novel Speed Dating with the Dead. But after all the EVPs and EMFs and seances, I still don't think we're any closer to understanding what is essentially an article of faith.

HP: Who has influenced you the most in your road to becoming a self published author?

S: In writing, Vonnegut, Hemingway, Shirley Jackson, Ray Bradbury, and Stephen King were people I wanted to be. The problem was I wanted to be all of them at the same time, so it took a lot of rejection slips to hammer out what I suppose is my style. I've known self-publishers as long as I've been writing, but it was people like J.A. Konrath and Zoe Winters that helped educate me on the new era.

HP: Thanks so much for visiting with us today, Scott! It was so much fun chatting with you and getting to know you. And to everyone reading this, please be sure to check out Scott's books!! Scott, where can my readers learn more about you? Do you have a website? Thanks again!

S: My website is and I'm also "hauntedcomputer" on Twitter and Facebook. My monthly newsletter has contests, giveaways, and advance copies so sign up at Thanks HP for sharing your living room with me!

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Contest: Help me name the next Dulcie book!

So, I think I'm contest crazy. LOL

Here is a new one I haven't done before...

Help me name the next Dulcie book (which is due out in Summer 2o11)

So, the only guidelines I have is that the title needs to be a play on the title of another famous book. For example:

To Kill A Warlock was a play on To Kill A Mockingbird

A Tale of Two Goblins was a play on A Tale of Two Cities

I'll run this contest for the next two weeks--so end date will be June 15th and then I'll pick my 5 favorites out of all the entries and you guys can vote on which one is your favorite.

Oh, and the winner will get a $50 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon and a thank you in the acknowledgements section of the new Dulcie book as well as the ability to read the book before it's released!

To enter, please just comment on this blog post and include your proposed title for the next Dulcie book.

OK get those creative juices flowing!!!


The Winner of My Become A Character in My Book Contest!

Well, it's that day!!!

Thank you so much to everyone for joining. This was the biggest contest in terms of responses that I've had yet!

Just a reminder as to what the winner will get:ten
*A part in Be Witched
* The ability to read Be Witched before it's released to the public
* Added to the Acknowledgments page of Be Witched
* Interviewed on my blog
* A signed (with dedication) paperback copy of Bewitched

And remember that this contest was extra special because Be Witched will be released by Random House which means the winner will show up in stores all over the nation! Woo Hoo!

So, I'm sure you all are eager for me to get to the point...LOL

The Winner (picked at random at of my 3rd Character Contest is.....


Congratulations to Klaasje!!!!

Please note that I'll be posting the next character contest pretty soon--it will be for the next Dulcie book. I'll actually be running two contests--one where you can become a character and the other to name the book!!!!!

Thank you again to everyone for participating and please congratulate Klaasje!!!

Love you all!