Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guest post from Toni LoTempio!

Hi All,
Please welcome my friend and fellow author, Toni LoTempio! She's here to chat about one of her new releases!
Welcome, Toni!

Hi, HP and thanks for having me! I met HP three years ago when we shared the same agent – and boy, does that ever seem ages ago! J A lot’s changed in publishing in those three years – thankfully, for indies, in a positive way!

Like HP, I like to write paranormal romance, although my books tend to have a lot of mystery and suspense thrown in. (Sometimes more so than the romance LOL) I’ve been writing since I was twelve – the first thing I wrote was a book of fairy tales called TWELVE TALL TALES. I even had another girl in school who was good at drawing illustrate them! (too bad I can’t find what I did with that manuscript- but after 30 years and a ton of moves I’m afraid its GWTW) I got hooked on horror from my dad, who used to take me to horror movies (Black Sunday starring Barbara Steele was the first) and, of course, I was a HUGE Dark Shadows fan growing up – I even ran a fan club for it in High School. I can’t wait for the Johnny Depp remake!

Anyway, I write a lot of different books, some of which have been published by Whiskey Creek Press, but I like to think I saved my best work for the indie market J My first indie, NO REST FOR THE WICCA, is about a ghost-whispering girl with a mix of Wiccan and Voodoo in her background. She’s a special agent, and she’s got a hottie Inheritor Vamp for a partner. I also did a YA fantasy, MY SUPERHERO SISTER, about a mortal girl whose father and sister have super powers.

Which brings us to my latest: RAVEN’S KISS.

Some people might not like Raven at first glance. She’s a moral girl who was turned into a Shapeshifter from a demon’s bite, and she’s a little bitter, to put it mildly. When her boss suggests she take a little “vacation” she runs smack dab into a mystery that she hopes will lead her to finally capture the demon who turned her. Raven discovers a portal that leads her into parallel time – a world where the people she knows lead vastly different lives.

She also meets the Recovery Captain in that world – a six foot redheaded Scotsman named Finn McPhee. (fun fact: I named this character after HP Mallory’s son). Although they butt heads at first, they can’t deny their attraction to each other, an attraction that deepens as they get closer and closer to unraveling the mystery surrounding the connection between Raven and a rash of serial killings…..

I’m also a bit in awe of my cover for Raven’s Kiss: it was designed by a girl named Kimberly Killion, and I think she’s fantastic! Kim’s site is : I’m doing an interview with Kimberly this week on my blog,, so come on over and check it out!

We’re also hosting a fundraiser for the charity KIDS NEED TO READ on the blog during the month of May. All proceeds from the sale of MY SUPERHERO SISTER will be donated to the charity, so come and check that out as well J And if you have a teen/tween you need to get an e-book for, it’s only $1.99 and for a very good cause!

I’m also the suspense reviewer/columnist for NIGHT OWL REVIEWS digital magazine! So if any of you out there are suspense authors with a book you’d like reviewed and spotlighted in the magazine, do drop me a line at and put “Suspense Author” in the header. I’m always on the lookout to sponsor new talent (and so is my editor). One author I found, Traci Hohenstein, is an indie author as well. Her book, BURN OUT, and an interview with Traci will be featured in my column, DARK STREETS in our May issue.

What’s in store for the future? I have a few more novels I’ll be releasing, another YA and adult, toward the end of the year. So if you want more info, stop by either the blog: or the website:

For more info (although the blog stands a better chance of getting updated LOL)

You can find links to purchase all the books on my blog and website, but here are the ones for Raven’s Kiss:



Do come visit, and I hope you’ll consider supporting our fundraiser for KIDS NEED TO READ in May. Thanks again for having me, HP!

Friday, April 15, 2011

My blog tour has started!

Hi All,
Be sure to check out my blog tour for free book giveaways, interviews, guest posts and excerpts! At the end of the tour, I'll be giving away the chance to be a character in a short story!!!

Here's where it starts!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Guest post from my friend and author, Linda Welch

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are doing well!
I just wanted to introduce one of my writer friends, Linda Welch.
She is a fellow indie author and she's written some really fab books I think you'll all enjoy. I read her first book, Along Came A Demon, and I loved it! I would describe it as urban fantasy and you'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time!
So, without further's Linda!!!

It’s polite to thank the gracious hostess when you go to a party, so I’d like to say a few words about HP Mallory, who is one of the most gracious people I know.

I met HP on the Kindleboards last year. We emailed back and forth. I remember her asking about my Kindle sales. When I told her how many I sold per month, she said something like, “Wow! I would be over the moon to sell that many!”

Just months later she’s sold 100,000. I’m eating her dust.

It doesn’t surprise me. I read To Kill a Warlock and thought, wow, this lady can write! I knew she would make her name as an author. She’s incredibly talented, energetic, enthusiastic, a genuinely nice person, and she loves her fans as much as they love her. HP is destined for greatness and I couldn’t be happier for her. She works hard for it. She deserves it.

Thanks for having me here, HP.

As for me, I’m an Englishwoman who was lured to the States by an American in the USAF. We ended up in Utah, where we live in the Wasatch Mountains near a tiny town called Eden. I’ve been writing since I was – oh, fourteen, I think. My first story was written in school when some school mates and I decided to jot down our fantasies involving our big-screen idols. We’d just got through the sex-education class, which we thought hilarious, and our stories were, well, crudely explicit. Unfortunately, my mum found mine, so my very first masterpiece ended up in the fireplace.

I think I’ve honed my writing skills since them.

I write the Whisperings series. My readers describe Whisperings as a blend of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery and humor. I call it paranormal mystery with a splash of humor and dash of romance.

ALONG CAME A DEMON, THE DEMON HUNTERS and just published DEAD DEMON WALKING revolve around Tiff Banks. She’s mildly snarky, impatient, and suspicious by nature. Tiff sees and speaks to the ghosts of those who died violently. If not for their frozen expressions and whispering voices she would have difficulty distinguishing them from the living. These ghosts, or as she calls them, “shades,” are helpful when Tiff is assisting her local police department in their investigations. The dead are all around and they’re always watching, they can do nothing else, and they tell Tiff what they see and hear. She also lives with two shades who have become her family, even though they sometimes drive her to distraction. Tiff also sees through the glamour of demons to what they actually are. They’re not really demons, but Tiff calls them that. In her opinion, anything that can charm a person for the purpose of sensual and sexual gratification is definitely demonic.

In ALONG CAME A DEMON, Tiff has to solve the mystery of why the shade of a woman is able to break the rules of the afterlife to seek her and what happened to the woman’s son, but first she must convince the police that the son does exist. Having a partner foisted on her does not make Tiff happy, particularly as Royal Mortensen is a demon. A loner, she doesn’t expect much from life except failed relationships and does not know how to react to a man who seems to assume they are destined to be together. Trying to solve the case while distracted by her un-Tiff-like feelings for the handsome detective turns her life upside-down. Royal seems perfect – he even cooks! But is he?

More about the Whisperings series and links to the books, electronic and paperback, can be found at

Thanks for listening. And again, thanks HP!

Thank you for visiting my blog today, Linda, and I really appreciate your very kind words!

I hope all of you will check out Linda's books because I really think you'll enjoy them!!!!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Winner of the $100 Gift Certificate Contest!

Hi Everyone and happy April 1st!

So, today is the day I announce the winner of my gift certificate contest.

As a reminder, the winner will receive a $100 gift cert to either Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Thank you all so much for entering and I really appreciated all your very kind words!

My readers are the best!!!! Love you guys!!!!

OK, the winner is...Nicole with email address beginning: Andrexeae

Please wish Nicole congrats and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Lots of love,