Monday, March 28, 2011

Interview with Dia Robinson from A Tale of Two Goblins

So, as most of you probably know, I run contests before the release of each of my books and the winners of the contest become characters in my books!

Well, A Tale of Two Goblins was no different and the winner of this book was the lovely Dia Robinson. I wanted to interview her about winning the contest and this is what she had to say:

Hi Dia and welcome to my blog! I'm so excited you won my character contest and it was so much fun writing your character in Goblins and wondering what you were going to think of you! LOL So, I had some questions for you about the whole process. So, here goes!

What was going through your head when you realized you won my character contest?
Well, the first thing I did was I screamed, which made two co-workers come rushing into my room so they figure out what was wrong with me. The second thing that was going through my head was “OM-Freaking-G I won! This is so cool! The third thing I did was call all my friends and family and explained to them that I am going to be a character in a book and that they will have to buy the book to see how I come out!

Were you happy with your character in the book?

Honey, I was very happy with the character. I don’t think I have laughed at myself like this in a long time!

What is your favorite part about your character?

My favorite part about my character is that she is true to what she is and she does not apologize for it. She is a tough cookie, but also a loving one, once you get past her walls.

Do you feel like your character is a good representation of who you are like in real life?

I think the character represented me well. It had hints of all my different sides that I carry. I love seeing my bubbly and outgoing side and I like seeing my no non-sense do it and your dead side come out too. Overall, I was happy with everything.

Do you have any advice for Dulcie?

I would tell Dulcie to not let her past relationships dictate her future ones. Sometimes, we lose so much of ourselves in one person that when they leave us, we don’t know what to do or how we are going to function without them. I would say to her take some time and learn about herself. Find out who and what you are. What are your strengths, weaknesses, what brings joy and peace? Learn to fall in love with yourself so when the next man comes along, you will be able to be true to yourself and stand with them or without them.

What about Knight?

Hmmm! I would tell Knight to continue being sexy, but open up more. Yes, a sexy man with a hot body is nice, but women like men who can talk to them also. Don’t be scared to share how you truly feel about someone and for him to remember the past is the past. It helped shaped you, but it does not define you, only you can define yourself.

Would you be opposed to showing up in future Dulcie books?

HECK NO! LOL I would LOVE to be in another Dulcie book. It was so much fun. I was very honored to have been given the opportunity to be in one and I loved every moment of it.

Are you Team Knight, Team Quill or Team Bram?

Well, right now I am Team Knight hands down… Now, Bram is hot, but I don’t know… I feel like he's got a hidden agenda and Quill is the boy next door gone wrong, which in itself is sexy, but I think Knight is the right one for Dulcie.

What is your favorite scene of your character's?

My favorite scene has to be the one when I was telling Dulcie about my bird Tweety

What is your favorite line your character says?

Wow! There are so many of them, but majority come from pages 53 and 54 (Nook) …

“Well, hello to you, tall, dark and handsome…”
“Today isn’t my birthday so what can I do for you?”
“Ah, I thought you looked important…And I do like important men.”
“Honey, I’ll answer to anything as long as it’s coming from you.”

11. The section about Tweety was actually based on your bird. Can you tell everyone about Tweety?

LOL! Sure, * I can see my mom rolling her eyes now* LOL. I had Tweety for 13 years and really for a cockatiel that is a very long time. I loved that bird; I mean there was something peaceful about having him around me. He was stationed in my bedroom and it was nice to hear him whistling in the mornings and to see him dance when I would turn on some music. I would open his cage and he would come out and just fly around the room and when he was done he would land back on the cage and go in whenever he was ready. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him, but me and I would take my finger and rub the orange spots on his head and he would hum while I was doing that. When I was sad or upset it’s like he knew it and he would sing which would calm me and bring me peace. Again, I loved that bird, so when Tweety died it broke my heart. I was with him the night he passed away and it killed me, because there was nothing I could do to save him. I cried like a baby for two days because to me I didn’t lose a pet, but a close friend. I am very thankful that his memory and my love for him will live on forever in the written world.

You are a writer, yourself, can you share with us what you write?

The funny thing about this is that I just really started calling myself a writer. It’s like there something you always wanted to do, but you never thought you would be good at it. Well, that’s what writing was to me at the time. I always wrote poetry and I would perform my poetry as a slam artist and I always told stories and monologues while acting, but writing was something I never really saw myself doing. Until, one day I took a chance and signed up for a creative writing class at one of the community colleges in town. Then I started buying books on writing and devouring ever single lecture that I could, just so I could know how to put a story together. Then one day I did the one thing that would change my life. I actually sat down with a pencil and paper and started to write a story. Like many of you know, it’s like a whole new world opens up and you see your characters alive in your head. My muse, which I call the “Diva”, starts pouring ideas, emotions, scenes into you and its hard sometimes to keep up. I realized after trying different genres that I like to write what I read, which is paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I have a thing for hot men with flaws that can shift into something else, strong kick ass women who take no prisoners, ,but can love the hell out of you and scenes that would make you hot and scream for more. Right now on my blog I have a miniseries going on called “Just One Last Taste”, which is a prequel to a mercenary novel series that I am developing. Please feel free to check me out at and all comments and constructive criticisms are welcomed.

What is your favorite scene in the book?

My favorite scene in the book is in chapter 4, when Knight is massaging Dulcie. That was such a great scene because it was sensual and honest. Dulcie is a good one cause honey, there is in no way, shape or form that I could have went to sleep while a sexy man is massaging my back. Nope, it couldn’t happen.

How are you different from your character?

I am different from my character because I am very silly at time and I love to laugh. There are moments when I prefer to be by myself and even though I look confident I can be a nervous wreck inside

What was the reaction to your winning the contest from your family and friends?
My reaction was to start screaming and then I forward the post to all my friends and family. I told them that they are going to buy the book because I’m not sharing. My friends and family were very supportive and happy. They figured since I am a dramatic person anyways that I would make a fun character. Which made me give a few of them the *shifty eye* for calling me dramatic. LOL!

Thanks so much, Dia! You are AWESOME!!!!


  1. Oh I love this!! Congrats Dia!!! I loved reading your parts in the book as well! As for the advice for Dulcie... I'm going to borrow that for myself! ahahaha. Sometimes it's so hard to just believe in myself. Jack = a couple of my xbf's meshed into one person.

  2. Love the interview. Dia was a good addition to you book!

  3. I loved Dia's character (in and out of the book) :) I think it's great that you do this for your readers, I love it!

  4. I loved the Tweety story! It is so true and the fact that it is based on your real life experience just makes it that much better.

  5. Loved Dia in the book. Hoping to win your next contest!

  6. Dia is one of my best friends in real life, and I can attest, she called my voicemail and SCREAMED like a crazy woman.

  7. LOL Brandon! I love Dia--she is fantastic!

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