Monday, March 28, 2011

Author Discovery Post: Dulcie O'Neil

So, I think sometime ago I said I was going to try to be more active on my blog. Well, this is me trying. LOL

I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite dysfunctional fairy especially since A Tale of Two Goblins is now available!

So, let's chat about Dulcie O'Neil. As you are probably already aware, these author discovery posts are really about the background of the characters--where did they come from, why did I write them the way I did, blah blah blah.

Dulcie is the bad ass, kicking butt and asking questions later fairy in the To Kill A Warlock series. I wanted Dulcie to be very different from Jolie, the heroine in my Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble series. While Jolie must learn what it means to love herself, Dulcie is fine on the confidence level but she needs to learn what it means to trust.

I wanted to write a heroine that is strong to her very core--Dulcie is a crime fighter and she's tough as nails. But, as you all have probably noticed by now, I don't like perfection in my characters. Why? Because perfection doesn't exist and more so, it's pretty boring! LOL I like my heroines and heros to be flawed--and Dulcie is no exception. Due to the fact that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, she has major trust issues and tends to prefer her own company aside from that of her best friend, Sam.

I love the fact that Dulcie says whatever is on her mind and acts without necessarily weighing the consequences. She's a very emotional person and would go to hell and back for people she loves.

Physically, I wanted Dulcie to be beautiful but not necessarily fixated on her beauty. In fact, she isn't really even aware of it. Granted, she doesn't like her pointy ears but that really is the only indication (aside from a few comments regarding her hair) that we get of her being even aware of her physical attributes.

I also loved the idea of having Dulcie at the center of quite a bit of male attention, coming from Bram, Quill and of course, Knight. I loved the idea of Dulcie, who is so withdrawn and doesn't trust anyone, having to constantly battle the fact that these three men clearly have the hots for her and aren't shy about it!

I'm really excited about getting to know Dulcie and her world better as I continue her story and I find myself really enjoying writing about her. She is so unlike me that it's a bit more difficult to characterize her than it was to characterize Jolie, for example.

I hope all of you have enjoyed Dulcie's story so far and look forward to more of her adventures!


  1. have you thought about writing and publishing the books that Dulcie is writing? coz that would be really good to read. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading both your series but i have to say i think Jolie has stolen my heart a little more that Dulcie.
    I can't wait to read whats in store for both and any other new series you come up with

  2. My best friend and I both have Nooks (and thank God for that). She was on a tight budget so I loaded her up with about 8 or so books (she literally devours them) on hers to sate her appetite. LOL Two of those books were Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble and Toil and Trouble. I purchased them for myself as well but she got to hers first and said she LOVED them. We like paranormal books, and have been through all the mainstream series' (Charlaine's Sookie, Laurell's Anita, Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, etc...) but I have to say that Jolie and Dulcie have stolen some of the spotlight and I am excited that A Tale of Two Goblins is finally out! Thanks for writing such comical stories with such wonderful characters. :) P.s. Don't fire your cover artist...they say never jusdge a book, but the covers are what caught my eye to begin with!

  3. Just finished Tale of two Goblins last night...Dulcie needs to snap out of it. She is lucky I'm not there with my sirens call to lull Knight away from her and make him mine. Can't wait for the next book in either series to come out!

  4. BTW...Loved the Henry Cavill reference, The Tutors are my favorite and he is so hot...*going out to buy season 4*

  5. i loved the dulcie synopsis we received-and your character is just brilliant and perfect :)

    the book was incredible!

  6. Thank you all so much!!! I am so happy you are enjoying my books. That really means so much to me!!!

    And, Christine, love that you loved the Henry reference!!!! LOL I'm on season 3!!! Hhahahahah

  7. Just finished your new book--read it straight through just tonight. SO FUN!!! But, holy crap you left me hanging! When does your next Dulce book come out?
    Knight has really grown on me. Quill is a troubled stud and Bram is a creeper-- a sexy creeper.
    But romance aside, the plots are creative, fun and well paced. Really enjoy your writing syle and your voice.
    You rock, girl. So anxious for your next book!

  8. I read A Tale of Two Globlins in one day (one sitting), I have told everyone about your stuff. I am thrilled to have a new blog to follow. Keep going, I am so excited to see whats next!
    Bravo, and more Knight please...