Thursday, March 10, 2011

Author Discovery Post 3: Sinjin Sinclair

So, I started out my author discovery posts with Rand and Jolie so now it seems fitting to write about that cad we all love, Mr. Sinclair.

As you all know, Sinjin is a vampire and as such, I wanted him to be shrouded in mystery. To me, vampires are the most seductive, manipulative and mysterious of Underworld creatures and I didn't want Sinjin to stray from this model very much.

I wanted you, the reader, to question his motives--is he good or is he bad? Does he truly love Jolie or does he want something from her?

But, while Sinjin is a constant question mark, I also wanted to give glimpses into his personality that might make him appear softer, compassionate and caring. When writing Toil and Trouble, the most important character to me was Sinjin. Even though Rand plays a huge role, of course, this is really Sinjin's book--it's his chance to tell his story, to allow the reader a bit more into his thoughts.

I think one of my favorite scenes I've ever written was the one with Sinjin and Jolie in Sinjin's tent. I wanted him to come off as pure sexiness in that scene and hopefully he did!

As to an image of Mr. Sinclair, I didn't really have an actor in mind. As with Rand, I feel almost as if Sinjin defies categorization. He really is whatever appeals to the reader most. But, most people think I'm copping out when I say this (LOL) so if you want a picture, this guy looks pretty close to my idea of my vampire. Gotta love the eyes!


  1. The pic of the Gorgeous man above... Yes, striking, but somehow still not quite My Sinjin. You painted such a picture of what I like to refer to as the epitome of sex that I fear there is not a man in all reality to compare. Maybe that's the just the ramblings of a partially insane woman with a lacking sex life... guilty.
    Keep 'em coming! I'm looking forward to more about all of them... ok, maybe more of Sinjin would be a more honest statement. ;)

  2. well-now that i've lifted my jaw off the floor-i think you have picked the perfect image for sinjin...that scene in the tent was definitely sext and i believe that sinjin is definitely falling in love with jolie-maybe there is just something we don't know about sinjin yet-i'm sure there is more and certainly am waiting patiently for another book lol :)
    maybe sinjin can have his own little series so we can take on some more of his sexy??? just a thought.

    i think your books are just fabulous and i have suggested them to many! can't wait to read some more!

    sarabeth :)

  3. Thank you both! OK, I love "sext" that is just awesome! And, Beth, you're killing me with "partially insane woman with a lacking sex life" OMG, you are hysterical!
    And, clears throat, a Sinjin spinoff series is definitely not off the table!

  4. Hehe that picture works for me.

    I also have a character like that and worked my butt off to find a pic that resembles him.

    Imagine my surprise when a friend linked me to one by accident.


  5. Holy moly, that guy is sex on a stick!

    Not what I thought of when I thought of Sinjin, but I'm not complaining!

    I loved learning more about Sinjin in Toil and Trouble, and have to agree about the scene in the tent. I read it more than once!

    I won't make a wager that Sinjin is completely in love with Jolie. I don't think we know enough about his character yet to know for sure. I do think he has strong feelings for her, and maybe feelings that are either stronger than he has had for anyone before, or quite possibly, feelings he hasn't felt for anyone in a very long time.

    Looking forward to learning more about him.

    A series on Sinjin? Possibly? Yes, please!

  6. Yes, Sinjin keeps us guessing alright. You don't know if he's bad, or just the 'good bad boy'. In any case, he is definitely hot! I Can't wait to read more about Sinjin in your upcoming novella! He's got me intrigued to say the least :)

  7. WOW. Now that's the personification of Sinjin who can bite me anytime ... ;-p
    I so love Sinjin's wicked sense of humor. :-)
    Your character descriptions are so vivid, I have no trouble imagining all the people in your books. Wouldn't it be awesome if someone offered you a deal for a TV series or a movie? That would be almost too much for the naked eye .... *keepingmyfingerscrossed*

  8. I am such a fan of Rand for Jolie (and myself) that I don't think Sinjin is the one for her, BUT I can definitely get why she can sometimes get distracted lol. He is so sexy and intriguing!! I have just finished both books and I love them both! Can't wait til next year for book 3!
    Bine- yes! I wish this would be made into a movie! Lol.

  9. mm MMM! Wooo! Don't get me wrong, I'm all for real love like Rand and all their hotness, but holy Christmas help me with Sinjin! I don't blame Jolie for flip-flopping to Sinjin when she gets mad - although I did hell at her to pick a team. THAT chapter, with Sinjin...I think thats the fastest I ever read and the longest I've held my breath!! Yes, I agree with a Sinjin spin off, and a juicy one at that poppet! LOL AHH!

  10. Could def go for a Sinjin spin off....I would be on the edge of my seat reading them!!...
    Some how even tho that guy above is good...that isn't want I pictured when I think Sinjin...the eyes yes....the rest not so much..tho if thats how vampires look......I'd let him bite!! LOL

  11. this is more how I picture Sinjin,r:4,s:0,i:100

    1. Yea, you're a lot closer with this pic to what I see in my mind when I picture that sexy vamp!

  12. I have just finished your book "Something Witchy This Way" is this going to be the last book in the series?

  13. I am absolutely in love with all of the characters although I must say that Rand, Jolie and oh my God yes Sinjin are my faves. As for what Sinjin looks like...I immediately thought of Goran Visnjic.
    Anyone familiar with the movie "Practical Magic" will remember him as Jimmy Angelov. Although he has hazel eyes naturally I have obtained a photoshop pic of him with gorgeous blue eyes and oh yes HE is MY Sinjin V--V

  14. I'm new to the series, but I have to say that Sinjin (et al) have been a terrible distraction since I started reading the books!! I'm a doctoral student trying to finish the semester and often catch myself daydreaming of things that have nothing to do with politics (my degree).