Saturday, January 8, 2011


OK, I am a Facebook/ Blog master now! LOL

So, the reason I wanted to get this blog on facebook was to let all of you know when I post one of my author commentary blog posts on the Jolie series, I wanted it to notify facebook!

For all of you who don't know about that yet, I'm starting a series of blog posts to give you background information on the Jolie series. Things like: What was Pelham Manor modeled after, why did I choose Alnwick, England, why is Jolie's cat's name Plum...the list goes on. LOL

I was going to turn all this stuff into a book but sort of freaked out because I just don't have the time currently. So, I thought if I turned it into chunks via my blog, I could handle that!

So, that's the background to the background! LOL


  1. very tech savvy of you! Keep all the good stuff coming HP!

  2. Great idea! I also like your 'fun pages'. The one thing missing in romance novels is pictures :-)

  3. HOW did I not know of this blog? Hmmmm????? I LOVE Jolie. More Jolie, more Jolie (insert chanting tone here)

  4. YAY! Now you figured it out can you kindly explain it to me ROFL Can't wait to read all your upcoming posts :)

  5. Yeah. I can't wait to read them! It is going to be fun to see where everything came form

  6. I really look forward to reading them. I love when the authors offer extras like these!!