Monday, January 31, 2011

Winner of the Second "Become A Character In My Book" Contest!

I want to start this post by thanking everyone who entered! I ended up with over 150 entries! Amazing. The first contest was 135 so I'm very excited!

So, just as a reminder, I'm going to be running this contest before each new book I write! So, if you didn't win this time, you have another chance for the next book in the Jolie series!!! More to come on that later...

Having said that, if you would like to be alerted whenever a new book is on its way so you can enter the "become a character" contest, just add yourself to my email distro list by visiting my website at and click the "contact" tab.

OK, now for the good stuff!

I want to start the good stuff by giving you all a visual of what my hubby and I did last night. I printed out the name of everyone who entered, the more points you had, the more name print outs you got. Then I cut each name out and literally put them into a hat. LOL Then I chose one...

I am beyond thrilled to announce the winner of the character contest for the next Dulcie book, A Tale of Two Goblins.

Just a reminder as to what the winner will receive:

* A written part in A Tale of Two Goblins
* The ability to read A Tale of Two Goblins before it's released to the public
* Added to the Acknowledgments page of A Tale of Two Goblins
* Interviewed on my blog
* A signed (with dedication) paperback copy of A Tale of Two Goblins
* A signed paperback copy of To Kill A Warlock

And the winner of this character is...

DIA ROBINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Dia! I am so happy for you!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered and spread the word. I am humbled by your excitement about my contest!

Happy Reading,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big News!

So, I have some really great news to share with everyone...(drum roll) LOL

I have quit my day job! Woo Hoo! So, in two weeks, I'll be a full time author which means I'll devote all my time to my books. So, what does this mean for you?

1. A Tale of Two Goblins, the next Dulcie book will be released earlier than April 20. How much earlier, I'm not sure yet. Have lots to still figure out.

2. The next Jolie book will be released earlier as well. Still need to figure this one out too.

3. I had started the first book in a new series a while back and only got halfway through. Well, I'm going to finish that one and put that one out there too. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to hear what you all think!

Unfortunately, I can't make the Atlanta trip now as it had been a work trip (and I'd tacked on the meet and greet). I'm so sorry about this but I promise to make it up to all of you! I just have to get my life into control and once it is, I'm going to start planning some book tours.

So, I'm a little scared with these changes but I'm also so excited. I've always wanted to be a real, full time writer, ever since I was 12 years old and now I'm taking the leap! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Author Discovery Post 2

Okay, so I know it's been a while since I posted about the Fire Burn series and my author notes about the characters so I thought I'd start off everyone's Tuesday with a certain handsome warlock.

Ah, Rand. Where did you come from and why are you so frustrating with your vacillations back and forth, your incredible sense of loyalty and your dedication to all that is moral in the world?

Well, Rand was a tough one to create. I wasn't interested in writing a male lead who wasn't anything short of gorgeous. I wanted Rand to be as beautiful on the outside as he is on the inside so I racked my mind with images of all the men I've found attractive over the years. My ultimate ideal of male beauty is Paul Newman back when he stared in movies like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Good God, has anyone seen that? That man was beauty personified. But, I also wanted my warlock to be as man as possible, so I thought of Sean Connery as James Bond. Someone beautiful but proud, sure and dangerous.

As strange as it sounds, I never truly had an image of what Rand would look like. I had hints and inklings from various characters I've read (Mr. Darcy, my all-time favorite) and movie stars but none of them ever really portrayed my warlock. So, Rand, to this day, is his own person--I've posted images of men I think come closest to my idea of the physical Rand but there is still something missing, something not quite there and I've learned to accept that. Rand defies categorizing.

So, as to the relationship between Rand and Jolie... I wanted it to be difficult, strained and often times, uncomfortable. Rand has been alive for a long time and as such, he's been a bachelor--stuck in his ways, stubborn and maybe not the most welcoming of change. Jolie, on the other hand, is youth and vibrancy. She's learning what it means to be a witch with awesome powers--put these two together and you're bound to get some sort of drama.

I loved the idea of a man torn by what his heart demands and what his brain refutes. Rand knows, first and foremost, he is Jolie's protector and teacher. And he can't bring himself to accept the fact that, let's face it, the dude is lusting after her! Due to his austere English roots and his conservative lifestyle, he constantly battles himself--fighting against his love for Jolie, trying to rationalize it.

I think the true lesson Rand must learn is that love can't be rationalized, it either is or it isn't. And he'll have to fight his own internal battles to claim the woman he loves...before a certain vampire with ice blue eyes tries to woo her away!

Oh, if you want to see the pics I chose of the warlock closest to my heart, here are the best two:

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Author Discovery Post 1

Chapter: One

Subject: Jolie Wilkins

I thought it would be fitting to make my first author discovery blog post about Ms. Wilkins. So, without further ado, this is how I came up with the character of Jolie…

In reading multiple paranormal romances and urban fantasy series, what occurred to me was the fact that all the heroines were these superwomen types—they were strong, beautiful, independent, tough—all fantastic character traits but I wanted to write a heroine who was a bit more…real. Someone more like you and me.

I thought Jolie should be attractive but understated and natural—one of those women who everyone recognizes as lovely but she doesn’t see it herself—she thinks of herself as the girl next door. I actually had the actress James King in mind when I wrote Jolie’s physical features. James King can look drop dead gorgeous but she can also appear very naturally beautiful and most importantly, she has a sweetness that I wanted to recreate in Jolie.

While I wanted Jolie to be strong and independent, I was really interested in witnessing the metamorphosis of her strength—to watch her learn what it means to love herself. I think this is the biggest lesson Jolie learns in Fire Burn—her own worth. And I wanted to paint her this way because I believe this is the plight of many women. We grow up not necessarily knowing how special we are, we downplay our accomplishments and achievements when we should be proud of them. Well, Jolie is no different and her story is one of self awareness and empowerment.

I also wanted Jolie to be extremely feminine but turn the notion of the helpless maiden needing to be saved by her knight in shining armor on its head. Jolie is one of the most powerful characters in the books, she just doesn’t know it and by realizing her own self worth, her powers are realized.

People have asked me if Jolie is based on me and I suppose in many ways she is—I think as an author, you can’t help but have a bit of yourself in all your characters. But, the similarities between HP and Jolie really are the same similarities between Jolie and any woman.

Here is a pic of James King that I think is Jolie 100%


Saturday, January 8, 2011


OK, I am a Facebook/ Blog master now! LOL

So, the reason I wanted to get this blog on facebook was to let all of you know when I post one of my author commentary blog posts on the Jolie series, I wanted it to notify facebook!

For all of you who don't know about that yet, I'm starting a series of blog posts to give you background information on the Jolie series. Things like: What was Pelham Manor modeled after, why did I choose Alnwick, England, why is Jolie's cat's name Plum...the list goes on. LOL

I was going to turn all this stuff into a book but sort of freaked out because I just don't have the time currently. So, I thought if I turned it into chunks via my blog, I could handle that!

So, that's the background to the background! LOL

Trying to add this blog to facebook

LOL this is a test!

Please standby!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wanted to share one of my reader's creations!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful first week of 2o11!

So, just a quick post to introduce everyone to an adorable etsy store of one of my readers, Erin! She creates the cutest baby hats and scarves and was kind enough to send me the link to her store!

I wanted to share it with everyone because I was so impressed by her creations.

Erin, you are very talented!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

And now for something meaningful...

So, earlier today I was at Jared's jewelers and I noticed they had all these plush little dogs all over the store and my little son noticed them as well (of course, right? Toddlers and stuffed animals!) .

When I asked how much they were, the salesman told me that they were 12 bucks which I thought was a really good price and, even better, all sales of the dogs benefited St. Jude's Children's hospitals. I have donated to St. Jude's for years so, of course, I bought one.

It got me to thinking though--apparently Jared's does quite a bit of donating to St. Jude's and it made me feel good to know my business was helping kids going through cancer.

St. Jude's is a charity that has always been close to my heart. So far in my life, I've been blessed to have a very healthy little boy and it just breaks my heart when I think how other families and children are struggling with cancer and other diseases.

So, I thought I would help in my own little way by spreading St. Jude's message and reminding everyone to help out in any way they can, whether it be by donating money or time or good thoughts.

Thank you!!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dulcie's next book is now outlined!

So, I just wanted to share with everyone the fact that I've finished the outline of Dulcie's next book and I'm really excited about it.
I don't have an exact release date yet but I'm aiming for April.
And I can't wait to see who wins this character contest so I can shape them into the book!
So, if you haven't entered yet, make sure you do!!!!