Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wow, people defending my reviews on Amazon!

So, I almost never spend lots of time looking at my negative reviews because they just bum me out. I mean, who wants a bad review, right?

Well, today I was looking at some of my one star reviews and I couldn't believe it but people were commenting on them and defending me! What an awesome feeling that was!!! (Commenting on the ones that were just pretty dumb...Like a 1 star review because a warlock can't be considered a hero? What?! LOL) Those reviewers who just didn't happen to like the story for whatever decent reason were left alone which is how it should be. To each her own...

I can't even begin to tell you how great it made me feel to read people's messages defending me against the more inane reviews. Wow. That there are people out there who love my books so much that they would defend them just amazes me. So, thank you to all my champions!!

And to anyone who ever comments on negative feedback defending a book you really loved, I am thanking you for all authors out there. You are our knights in shining armor!!!


  1. I know I am not alone H.P., when I say that you created characters we all have grown to love, and a world we wish we could live in! I was sad to finish your three books: Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, Toil and Trouble, and To Kill a Warlock... because my new friends were left inside the covers! I cannot wait for more and I applaud you for keeping your integrity and writing from your heart and not from your pocketbook! Much love! ~D~

  2. Thank you so much for putting my button! You are the best!!!

    OMG! How silly to even get a review on the things you mentioned! Sometimes I do not think people realize how much damage they can do with their ill-thought out choice of words. I am sorry that you have to deal with that negativity, Ms. Mallory. But you kept your head up and stood strong by your work. That, my dear friend is inspirational to us all.

    I apologize for not posting my review on Amazon and B&N! With all the things happening this week, I might have sorta forgotten to post it...sorry! I hang my head in shame!

    I also forgot to enter your character contest! What is wrong with me...sigh. Okay dashing off to take care of both.......

    And a huge congratulations to you, Ms. Mallory for all the good news you have received lately!

    Hugs and Merry Christmas!!!~Talina

  3. Thank you both! I have the best readers in the world! I love you guys.
    And, Talina, you are a crack up! I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to figure out how to put your button up! But, alas, I finally did! LOL
    I hope you both have a lovely holiday as well!!!!

  4. Petty, I know, but I couldn't resist putting up Merriam-Webster definitions of 'witch' and 'warlock' on the bad reviews. The one reviewer has given 1 star reviews to all books with reference to witches that she's read.

    Obviously she's a Wiccan--but damn, don't people remember Bewitched?

    H.P., I didn't pick on the reviews where the reader didn't love the book for one reason or another--only the ones that were just...wrong.

    One posted about "romance being the worst out there" or some such drivel--had to comment on that, too.

    Went and pulled Romance Sales stats and best seller list stats.

    Sometimes, I should just keep quiet--but so not my forte, lol

    Keep up the good work!

    The only "word repetition" I noticed was "as if" and "like"

    Unfortunately, my anal mind does pick up things like that when I read.

    I'm currently on read two of the Jolie series. Then on to Dulcie again.

    Take Care--keep up the awesome sales and the awesome writing!

    Happy Holidays

  5. Thank you, Hope! You are wonderful!!!