Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ok now for a happy post! LOL--Win a new Nook Color!

So, a fellow indie author and friend, Tina Folsom (awesome author btw) is offering a NEW NOOK in color! Just visit her blog and enter her contest. More info here:


Definitely check it out and check out Tina's books--they are very sexy and I think you will really enjoy them!!!


  1. H.P. this is more of a question than a comment. I've formatted my e-book for Kindle and Nook, but for some reason on the Nook, the title of my novel shows as "untitled" (at the top of the each page), instead of "Halo of Time" (after I download it onto Pubit). I keep on editing and formatting my text in MS doc, but have hard time of getting it right (the title on the top of each page)... Would you, please, know how to go about it? Thanks. Jack

    [By the way,I think that your books are great. You have a unique voice and are able to breathe life into your characters.]

  2. Hi Jack!
    Um, hmmm I'm not sure. Did you enter your title as a header in word? I did my books in word and then uploaded them to pubit and I don't think I added the title to the top of the page. I did that in my hard copy version but not the ebook versions. In fact, I think Nook might do it for you? I'm not sure. If you have any more questions though, I'd like to try to help you so just email me at hpmalloryauthor at yahoo dot com.

  3. HP thanks for trying to help. I did enter my title as a header in word and after the first "upload" (into the Pubit), it (the title) did show up correctly... The "issue" started after I've made some changes (an endless editing!!!) to the text and re-uploaded the book... I think I have done all correctly, but there must be some glitch somewhere; but trying to get some help from Pubit is impossible. Anyway, I'll figure something out. Once again, thanks for trying to help. -Jack

  4. I think I know what the issue is: in Word you have to change the preferences: give it a title in the preferences tab. Also set the author name there (important if you use a pen name, since otherwise the computer users name will pop up). Try that. It normally works for me.

  5. sorry, meant properties, not preferences.