Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Irritated with Amazon

So, one of the things that irritates me about Amazon is the fact that there is really no control for the author over reviews. I'm not talking about someone who bought one of my books and happened to just hate it--I am fine with those reviews and I think they absolutely have a right to be there.

What I am talking about is people who clearly haven't read the book, didn't purchase it and are just trying to skew my ratings. Those are the people who have no right to be leaving reviews and it drives me nuts!

As an author, I really rely on my ratings. Many people will buy a book based on what rating it received as well as reviews. And when I get stupid reviews (such as: a warlock can't be considered a hero and a warlock isn't a male witch), it actually does hurt me because it drops my overall ranking.

So, the reason I'm irritated today (LOL) is that the same person who left me a review saying warlocks can't be witches, left another one under the guise of a different person. The review basically says the same thing--warlocks can't be witches...what? Have you read the definition of a warlock??? Hello McFly! I did a bit more research on this particular reviewer who seems driven to drop my rankings for some reason and found that all this person's other reviews were also 1 stars. I think this is just wrong. This hurts authors and I don't think it should be tolerated by Amazon.

Again, if you purchased a book and hated it, definitely leave a bad review. You are completely justified in doing so. But, don't leave a review just to skew someone's ratings, especially when you haven't read the book. That is just wrong.


  1. You should be able to leave comments about, your own reviews, about those review. That is a failure with the way amazon has things set up. Sorry that you are having so many problems!

  2. I totally agree.....I added a comment to it.

  3. Thank you, Future Mrs. FF and Fredamans and, BJ, you are awesome!!

  4. You're absolutely right about selecting new books to read. I often base my selections upon the reviews that others have left. Too bad Amazon can't track the reviewers and if one person hates everything, just refuse his/her comments.

  5. I would say beware of adding comments to reviews you hate. One thing I have noticed about Amazon's review system is that each review can be ranked (i.e. 10 of 20 people thought this review was helpful) If people mark comments on reviews as helpful it also adds to that reviews overall helpfulness making it rise to the top. This can push your 1star review to the front page, not because it was a helpful review but because people agreed with that review by posting comments on it that people liked.

    I have one such review on my book Immortalis Carpe Noctem. A 1star reviewer posted a very nasty review that got a bit of debate in the comments. It's now a permanent fixture on my book's Amazon page. =(

  6. People are stupid...BUT if you haven't noticed your book, Fire Burn..is #3 in the best sellers of Scfi and Fantasy! That's so awesome!

  7. Thank you all for your very nice comments. I can always count on you guys to boost me up! And, Katie, I didn't realize that happens on Amazon! That is terrible!!! OK have to be careful. THanks for the warning!

  8. What's that old saying...if you don't have something nice to say??? Geez, I agree that criticism is always welcome by authors--whether good or bad, but at least be justified in your comments!

  9. The idiot who keeps giving you those reviews is only trying to skew your reviews because "her daughter is a published Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy writer" obviously mommy has some insecurities in her daughters writing! LOL... I have already unloaded on this woman.... grrr! Chin up H.P. Your positives far out weigh the negatives and as time goes on it's only going to go up! Love You!!!

  10. Thank you King and Queen and Our Little Corner! I really appreciate your posts and seriously, I always vent to you guys because you always make me feel 100% better!!! I have the best readers in the world! Love you guys!!!

  11. Oh,I get to go snark!

    I love the fact that people forget we write FANTASY. And there is such a thing as literary license.

    Hell, in my book, my vampire was born--not created.

    Reviews by people that aren't useful can be MARKED not useful. I'll certainly mark the review not useful.

    One good thing about comments on a review (from others, not the author) is that people will buy the book just to see what the hoopla is about.

    Going now to read the comments and reviews again--and make my own comment.

    Chin up, luv. Your writing is awesome. Traditionally, ever since Bewitched--witches were women and men were warlocks. In Charmed, witches were good and warlocks were witches turned evil (Of course, Charmed changed their own mythology within the series)

    Reviews, if in appropriate can also be reported, right?

    Hugs and Happy New Year

  12. From the comments above, it sounds like the best course of action is to leave a really great review to counter the poor one...which I will do.

    I do understand though. I am a genealogist and the one thing that makes me crazy is when I get a review based on the fact that there is NO information available. Sorry, but courthouses burn. It doesn't happen often, but each less than stellar review is a knife cut to anyone proud of what she does.

    At least most of the reviews make it obvious that the person should be ignored (yours and mine - a warlock not a witch? Please!)

  13. I just haveeeee to say Hp, I have read the "twilight series", The Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series, Alpha and Omega, the Sookie Stackhouse Series (true Blood), and you have been by far the BEST yet! I was so captivated by your writing in the Jolie Wilkens series, that I read them both in 4 days, and I am a busy mother of 2, with lots of stuff to do. I just couldn't put it down! So, as far as the negative comments on Amazon, just know that I for one, will post on my Facebook, and tell all my reader friends that this is a must read! I have already had at least 5 people in 2 days buy your book to read! So you can rely and believe in your readers, that they will spread your talent like wildfire!!! Thanks for the great books!