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Introducing Christine from Toil and Trouble!

So, as you'll recall I recently did an interview with Mercedes who played the prophetess in Toil and Trouble. Well, I also had another winner, Christine, who played Pelham's sister and the reason for the bad blood between Sinjin and Rand! Yay! LOL So, I wanted to interview Christine and this is what she had to say:

HP: Christine is German and one of the most fun parts about writing her character was adding all the German characterizations. So, I have to ask, Christine, how did I do? LOL Did everything make sense the way I wrote it?

C: Yes, it made perfect sense! It was so much fun to read about some of our traditions in your book! Especially the Christmas scene was very accurate! You´re sure you haven´t spent one over here in Germany? :)

HP: Nope, never have although I would love to! I'm really excited that you were one of my winners. What was going through your mind when you entered?

C: It´s no secret that I really like your books, so when I read about your contest I just had to enter. Doesn´t everyone wish you could be a part of one of the stories you love to read?

HP: What was going through your mind when you won?

C: Well, at first I was absolutely speechless. Than I did my embarrassing happy dance routine, thank god I was alone when I found out. Then I called like everybody I know to brag about how my character would rock the Urban Fantasy world! :)

HP: Christine is a book blogger and reviewer. How long have you had your blog and why did you decide to start it? Incidentally, it's a fantastic blog and can be found at:

C: I've had my blog for about half a year now, and I have enjoyed every day of it. Sadly, I´m the only one among my friends who loves to read Urban Fantasy and the fact that I read mostly in English makes it even harder to find people who share my love for the genre. So after a few months of reading around in the blogosphere I decided to go for it and try it as well. Since then, I have made so many great friends, talked to some of my favorite authors and met new ones I now absolutely adore.

HP: OK, so how cool was it to see your name in a book?

C: For a book-a-holic like me, it was the best thing that happened to me this year. Like Christmas and birthday on the same day. I just couldn't remove that stupid happy grin from my face!

HP: One of my favorite scenes with Christine was when she gets Bruno for Christmas which was, of course, based on truth. What I didn't realize was how close to the truth I came with this section. Christine, can you tell us the story behind Bruno and how he became your cat?

C: I actually got him a day before Christmas and he was given to me by my father. Bruno, along with his mother and three of his brothers and sisters was left in a barn not far from our house, where we would pass by everyday when we took our dog for a walk. I have a very soft spot for everything with fur, so when I saw and realized that they didn´t belong to anyone, I wanted to help them immediately. Unfortunately, they were too afraid of people and wouldn´t let us touch them. We fed them as it was winter and they all looked very weak, but I wouldn´t have thought we could ever catch them. I can´t imagine how much effort it took my father to catch not only one but actually three of the cats. When I came home from school that day before Christmas, he was smiling like crazy, I knew someting was up, but when he showed my the tiny, fuzzy and slightly smelling bundle that used to be Bruno back then, I couldn´t help but shed a tear or two. One of his brothers also stayed with us but was hit by our neighbors car only one year after we got them. His sister lives with my grandmother now, but the last kitten of the litter and Bruno´s mother didn´t make it. It was simply too cold this December. So I guess I have a very special relationship to Bruno and it made me so happy to have him along with me in the book!

HP: What are your favorite aspects of your character?

C: It´s hard to tell. She´s an incredible character, I loved the way she came to life on paper! Even though she is not exactly like me, we do share some character traits and it was so much fun to read how you brought her or rather me to life in a period of time that is so different from my own and like I said, you did an incredible job!

HP: So, I had asked Christine back in August if she might be interested in reviewing my books and she was gracious enough to agree and read Fire Burn first and reviewed it. Christine, have you read any other indie authors?

C: I have read quite a few of them actually! I read and reviewed books by Felicity Heaton, Lori Brighton, J.L. Bryan and right now by Kris Sedersten. I think Indie authors should get the same support as other authors, that´s why I´m always glad if I can help!

HP: What were some of your favorite parts in Toil and Trouble?

C: Hmm, where to start? I´m a huge fan of Jolie, she´s kind, funny and down to earth, someone I would love to be friends with (and am now, at least fictionally!). I love the fact that you story is set in England, it´s atmospheric and different, as most of the other popular series are set in big cities. Plus, there is the fact that it not only has one but two hotties in it! ;)

HP: I'm sure it was hard for Christine because I kept asking her all these questions about her character and would drop little hints here and there about who she was going to be. Things like "your character is the reason for the bad blood between Sinjin and Rand." So, with all my leading questions, did you have any ideas about which character you would play?

C: I had no idea, really. Of course, I would daydream about some hot scene between me and one of the guys. You can´t blame a girl for dreaming, right? But I´m so glad about how my character turned out!

HP: So, as you know, I also had one other winner of my contest and that winner was Mercedes, the prophetess. Was it fun reading Mercedes' character and realizing she was real also?

C: Mercedes is such a great addition to the story! If I wouldn´t have known she won, I wouldn´t have guessed! I am a bit jealous though, that she gets to be in the next book as well, but I´m also happy for her!

HP: What did your friends and family think about you entering this contest?

C: *sigh* Like I said, most of my friends unfortunately don´t share my passion for reading. So their reaction lacked somewhat the enthusiasm I would have hoped for. My parents found it very cool to see their daughter´s name printed somewhere. The only one who really seemed as excited as me was my sister.

HP: Okay, and the question we are all waiting for...Are you Team Rand or Team Sinjin?

C: I might have switched team during reading Toil and Trouble a few times, just like Jolie. There were scenes when I was angry at both guys, and other where I loved them both. But in the end, there was no doubt: Team Rand, they are just meant for each other! Sinjin should have stayed with my character! :)

HP: I love that answer! LOL So, what did you think about the fact that your character was the reason behind the feud between Rand and Sinjin?

C: I was amazed to read about it!!! Honestly, when I entered I thought if I´d win I would be some minor character which alone would have be major cool. But that such an important detail of the story was in connection to my character made me incredibly happy!

HP: Did you like Toil and Trouble or Fire Burn better?

C: That´s like asking a mother to decide between her children! They were both great. But thinking of it, I might have liked Toil and Trouble a little bit more. Not because I was in it, but also because the characters really grow in this story. Plus, I really liked the hot and sexy scenes between Jolie and Rand!

HP: Thanks so much, Christine! I really enjoyed writing your character and I don't know what all my readers think, but I believe the German nuances really shaped Christine's character and really added depth to her character. I think it made her character feel very 3 dimensional and I can't tell you how much fun I had writing all about Christine!

C: Thanks so much for having me here and for giving me the incredible chance to be part of your work in the first place! I couldn´t be more happy about how my character turned out! I hope your readers enjoy Toil and Trouble and my little part in the story!

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  1. Yay Christine!! I loved your parts in the book. I am so happy you were a winner!