Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interview with Mercedes Berg, my muse for the prophetess!

Hello to everyone in blogville! I have a fun post today!

I interviewed Mercedes Berg, the lovely lady who entered my "become a character in Toil and Trouble" contest and won! I'm really excited to have Mercedes here today and wanted to ask her a million questions about herself so you all can get to know her better! First off, Mercedes really helped me develop her character (the prophetess) and I was thrilled to find that she is such an interesting person--that really helped to shape my portrait of her character in the book. Ok, so without further ado...Hi Mercedes!

HP: Can you tell us a little bit about you?

M: Well let’s keep it short and sweet! I’m 32 years old, I live in California. I adore all things Vampire related, and I love reading!

HP: I'm really excited that you entered my contest (and won!). What was going through your mind when you entered?

M: You know I owe a lot of it to my husband and friends. I got a new Kindle for my birthday this year from my hubby and an Amazon gift card from some good friends of mine. I was searching through the Kindle Bookstore when I stumbled across an interesting looking book called “Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble”. It looked good; it had some great reviews so I decided to give it a chance. It was the first book I read on my Kindle. Before I was even done with the book I downloaded your other book “To Kill a Warlock”. I was keeping close tabs to find out when your next book when I saw on your blog that you were running this awesome contest. I was at work when I found out and just knew I had to enter then and there. Lucky for me I’m the boss, so I took some time and entered. My fingers were crossed the whole time, which makes typing difficult, lol.

HP: OK, now I have to know, what was going through your mind when you won?

M: Ooohh, it was funny. It was Halloween and I was having a scary movie marathon with some family and friends. I was the only female in the house at the time. I was checking my email for something else and I see a note that H.P. Mallory posted on my Facebook wall. I was like, what is that about. I logged on to my Facebook account and went nuts.. I won.. Every guy in my house looked at me like I was crazy. They just couldn’t understand. I had to put it in guy terms.. I said it was almost like being written into your favorite Star Trek episode. I saw that they were getting it, but didn’t share my enthusiasm. I knew I had to call a fellow female reader. I called my Mom, who was just as excited as I was. I spent the next few days walking on air!

HP: Were you worried at all about who your character might be? Was it scary to wonder what your character would be like?

M: It wasn’t scary at all, but I was darn curious. Was I going to be in a love triangle, was I going to be evil, a trouble maker, was I going to get to make out with Sinjin, lol. I do have to say though that I loved how my character ended up..I am still not opposed to making out with Sinjin in writing though!

HP: So, in the book, I talk quite a bit about your rituals when your character does her magic. To everyone in blog world, all of that was actually based on information Mercedes told me. Mercedes, can you tell us a bit about when you used to be Wiccan?

M: As I said earlier I am from California, and I actual live one town over from a very Wiccan/Pagan friendly city. For quite a few years this was my religion. I was very into Candle magick, and very basic simple magick. I haven’t given up completely because I still do smudging, I still have my candles, blessing oils, and tarot cards. I have just incorporated some of my Christian beliefs as well. I mean to be honest when you think about certain magick rituals, there are a lot of similarities with Catholicism and Christianity. I guess I have taken the best out of all of them. What’s important to me know is being a good person, and trying to put forth good works.

HP: OK, so how cool was it to see your name in a book?

M: Amazing, I was like a kid every time I saw my name. I stopped everyone I knew and was like look, that’s me!

HP: Is paranormal romance your favorite genre of book? Who are some of your favorite authors?

M: Although I read a lot of different books, I do tend to go for the Paranormal Romance genre the most. I’m a big fan of Katie MacAlister, Lynsay Sands, Mary Janice Davidson, and yea I will totally admit to loving the Twilight series.

HP: What was the best part about being the prophetess?

M: The power of course. Who doesn’t want to be this kind of all knowing powerful witch?

HP: What are your favorite aspects of your character?

M: I love that she’s straight forward and doesn’t really take any of Jolie’s back and forth. She Jolie know this is the way it has to be done, no ifs, ands or buts about it!

HP: What were some of your favorite parts in Toil and Trouble?

M: Believe it or not there is one part that is my absolute favorite above all others. **Spoiler Alert** It takes place after Jolie changes her appearance so that she can travel with Sinjin to join the battle. Sinjin is introduces his companin to Rand like this:

“This is Tallulah,” he said in a mocking voice. “I have just feasted on her blood, thus she is quite scattered.”

Tallulah?? WTF?? I swear, Sinjin existed merely to piss me off. I exhaled a long breath and tried to contain the hurricane of anger that was currently plowing through me. Regardless of what Sinjin did or said, I had to maintain my composure. There was just too much riding on my ability to dupe Rand. So, that’s what I focused on.

I literally laughed out loud and startled my hubby. Just imagining this scene is hilarious!

My second favorite part? Finding out I was the prophetess!

HP: Before you read the book, did you have any ideas about which character you would play?

M: I knew she would be some sort of witch, but beyond that not a clue.

HP: So, as you know, I also had one other winner of my contest and that winner was Christine. Was it fun reading Christine's character and realizing she was real also?

M: Absolutely. I wondered how much the character was like Christine and what she thought of her part.

HP: What's your favorite color?

M: It’s a tie, Green and Black

HP: What did your family think about you entering this contest?

M: My Mom loves the same types of books I do, so she was happy and a little jealous.

HP: Are you Team Rand or Team Sinjin?

M: I am Team Sinjin. I know everyone loves Rand. His character is great, but Sinjin, is part bad boy, part teddy bear!

HP: You had told me about a time when you lived in a house that was haunted. Can you tell us about that? Incidentally, it gave me shivers!

M: I lived in a 2 story house where the second story was just a bedroom. Mine. I first noticed something was up because of the TV I had. This TV was OLD. It didn’t have a remote just a panel on the front of the TV that listed different channels. So if you wanted channel 10, you had to press the number 10 in order to change to that channel and it would light up and stay there. Anyway I was watching something on TV when it changed on its own. A few days went by with nothing else happening. Then it started again. The channels would change on their own. I had a friend staying over one night and it happened while she was there. I finally had a witness, but nothing I could do about it. So I just put up with it. After a couple of weeks it got worse for me. I went to take a shower (luke warm) and in the middle of my shower you could see the hot water knob turn on its own. I ended up with a few scalding showers. I had no idea what to do. I tried smudging, but that did jack crap. I finally decided to move out of my room and into another in the house, and I never had another problem. Stupid ghost just didn’t like me, lol!

HP: Did you like Toil and Trouble or Fire Burn better? (I guess that is sort of a silly question considering you're in TNT! LOL)

M: I loved them both. I did like Toil and Trouble better and not just because I was in it. You learned so much of why Rand is so stubborn, and you got to see a caring gentle side to Sinjin. I was also stoked to get to learn more about Pelham!

HP: Have you read any other indie authors?

M: I was blown away by the quality of your work that I have started to open myself up to other indie authors. I have picked up a couple books from

HP: Thanks so much, Mercedes! We will definitely be seeing you again in the next Jolie book. In fact, you'll be playing a huge part in the next book in the series! So, you'll be getting lots more emails from me with tons of questions! LOL I can't tell everyone how happy I was with the way Mercedes' character really shaped out. I think she really added depth to the character and the book! So, keep your eyes out for more from Mercedes, the prophetess!

M: I can’t wait either! I love the series, and I am anxious to see what’s in store for my character. I also want to see what the future holds for Jolie, and to find out is she Team Rand or Team Sinjin! I am sure most followers will have read the book by now, but if you haven’t you better. It’s got everything you could want in a book. It’s got magick, Hot Guys, Adventure, Hot Guys, time travel, and did I mention Hot Guys?? Thanks again H.P. I truly enjoyed this process and was honored to be picked the winner in this contest!


  1. Awe! Super fun interview! How cool is it that the first book Mercedes read on her Kindle was Fire Burn, and then she won the contest?! That is something like fate!

    Yeah, I'm still jealous, but also very happy for Mercedes and Christine.

    And I love her description of Sinjin, is part bad boy, part teddy bear. Totally true. But I'm still Team Rand.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Missie. I love the part about loving Sinjin's description but being Team Rand.LOL

  3. Ok, This is Mercedes' MOM, and yes not only am I jealous (she didn't even tell me about the contest! We will talk about that later Mercedes.) but I'm also very happy and excited for her. I can't wait to read the book! Anyway Ms. Mallory I do indeed love your books and I very much love Paranormal romance! YAY for all Paranormal-aholics!

  4. I love it that your mom posted too! That is awesome! Well, Pam, aka mother of the prophetess, you'll have to enter my next contest!!!