Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fire Burn character survey winners

Hi All,
So as most of you know, I did a survey with pictures of people I thought represented the characters from the Jolie books and all of you voted. Well, I posted the winners on my website.
Check it out:

You can still take the survey and I have noticed that the winners do tend to fluctuate so I'll probably have to update my website again. Here's the link to the survey:


  1. All the people I voted for won. Nice to know we all have good taste. H.P. can we do one for To kill a warlock?

  2. Hi Marlena,
    Yep, that's a good idea in honor of the new Dulcie release. Now I just have to find some pictures. LOL

  3. Hi H.P again,
    I trust you will pick some great pics cause the first ones where good. Oh and thanks for suggesting Lori Brightons books, I loved The ghost hunter.

  4. Hi Marlena,
    I'm so happy you loved Lori's book. She is a wonderful author!
    Thanks so much for the note and I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I have pictures ready for Warlock!!!