Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The next Jolie book, Toil and Trouble

So, I just wanted to share with everyone that I finished writing chapter 13 of Toil and Trouble, Jolie's next book.

And I loved writing this chapter!! Without giving away too much, something happens that lots of you will appreciate, I believe. And it was so much fun to finally put down on paper.

Again, the release date for this book is Jan 1. So, if you haven't signed up for my distro list to get emails whenever new books come out, you can do so by clicking here:
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And, I have to admit that while I love love love Rand, Sinjin is really growing on me. He plays a much larger role in Toil and Trouble than he did in Fire Burn.

OK, before I give away too much, I'll sign off. LOL


  1. oh, you just had to say that! Now it is going to take all the willpower I have not to skip directly to Chapter 13!! lol!

  2. I'm skipping straight to chapter 13. Oh and I'm 100 percent on Rand side no matter how great sinjin is. Go Teman Rand! LOL

  3. You both are too funny! I hope I haven't overpromised now on Chapter 13!!! LOL

  4. I think you need to write faster!