Thursday, September 30, 2010

Which cover do you like better?

For some reason, I can't seem to nail the Warlock cover exactly as I'd like to. I changed it up a bit and finally came up with something I'm decently happy with. I know some of you really liked the first version so which of the two do you like better?

Version A:

Version B:


  1. I prefer version A. Though I am not certain why. Perhaps the cleaner look. The teal author name on B looks great.

  2. Same here, version A. I think because it's a little darker and crisper.

  3. Well, you probably know I'm gonna say version A since I put it on my cover love post last week :) Overall, I just seem more drawn to that one.

    I do like that you surgically removed the cross from her shoulder in the second one and the lighter eye color seems to grab me more.