Monday, September 20, 2010

So, the paperback saga begins...

OK I got my proof the other day of Fire Burn--I might have posted about this already but anyhoo...I was so excited! Until I started reading it...I had uploaded the wrong version with all sorts of mistakes. ERGH! And I can't find my correct version. So...I spent the last two weeks reading the book and making fixes and all day yesterday updating my document so now it should be perfect!!!!

So, here's where the saga begins...I'm publishing through createspace which basically allows you to print your books on demand. Apparently Amazon owns it and it's pretty cool, right? Well, what has me worried is the price of the book. Fire Burn is a pretty hefty book--it's 385 pages or something in a 6 x 9 which is not a small book. So, because of the fact that it's such a big book and based on the way createspace works, I have to price the book at 13.50 to cut even. That's with me making basically nothing per book. And that doesn't bother me--what bothers me is that that is a freaking lot of money!!!

What are your thoughts? Would you buy a print book for that much? And I should probably expand that question--would you buy a print book from a basically not well known author for that much?

Warlock is a shorter book--probably 280 pages so it's more around the lines of $9.99 but even that seems a lot to me. Ugh, I'm really stuck though because I don't have any other options at this point...

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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about. Did you choose the PRO version (a little upfront, but higher royalty, ie. you break even quicker)?

    Can you reformat to make it less than 385 pages?

    Personally, since Mass Market Paperbacks from known authors are generally available at between 7.99 and 9.99 I'd hate to have to pay more for an unknown author.

    One of these days the POD options will get less pricey, but we're not quite there yet.

    I don't sell many of my paperbacks because of the price, so I use them mostly for giveaways.