Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sinjin in his own series?

So, I've received lots of interest from readers regarding the vampire, Sinjin, from Fire Burn. And some people have gone so far to say he deserves his own series. So, that got me to thinking...

I've never written a book in the perspective of a man and for urban fantasy or more so, for paranormal romance, how do you suppose that would fly?

I think Sinjin is interesting enough to warrant his own series but I wonder how difficult it will be for me, a woman, to write in the eyes of a man. But, I'm interested!!!



  1. I write from a man's POV all the time - and actually I prefer it. Whenever I get into the girl's POV I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. Maybe that's because I'm bossy?

  2. First off- i am excited for my chance to begin reading Fire Burn.

    Second, I would definitely read a male perspective because it doesnt happen as often, imo.

    :) Yay, I'm glad I found you here!=)

  3. Thanks for the comments and I'm jazzed to hear that you both like the male POV. And LLL, that's a great point that the male perspective is new...could be refreshing! And, Tina, just love your books any way they come!!

  4. How many men can you think of that write paranormal romance? Even m/m romance is usually written by women. So I don't see any problem at all!

    You did a great job of writing Sinjin in Fire Burn... just keep doing what you have already done!