Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New reviews!

So, I just can't tell you how cool it is when you see your book up in lights on someone's blog! LOL And it's even cooler when that someone actually really likes your book.

I just wanted to share the most recent reviews of my books. And I wanted to thank all my reviewers. You are really such a huge part of getting the word out there for indie authors so thank you!!

Amanda over at Glows Novel Addiction reviewed Fire Burn and gave it 5 stars! YAY!! read Amanda's review here: Glows Novel Addiction

At Bewitched Bookworms, Danny and Pushy reviewed both Fire Burn and Warlock: Read their review here: Bewitched Bookworms

Danielle, at Romance Book Junkies, reviewed Fire Burn and gave it 5 stars! YAY! LOL
Read Danielle's review here: Romance Book Junkies

Melanie at Melanie's Random Thoughts reviewed Warlock and gave it 4 stars! Read that review here: Melanie's Random Thoughts

Cid reviewed Fire Burn over at Book Addicts. Read that review here: Book Addicts

Danielle from Alpha Reader reviewed both Warlock and Fire Burn. Read her reviews here: Warlock and Fire Burn

Thank you to everyone!!!


  1. You're on a roll!


  2. Dear HP,
    I just finished Fire Burn & Couldron Bubble. It was a wonderful adventure and I have fallen in love with Jolie and Rand. Finding a great new author is like finding a hidden treasure. I will be adding you to my auto-buy on amazon Kindle. As to your question about buying a book for $13.50 I would definetly buy it if I knew the author could write a worthy adventure. I will pass the word to those in my book club looking for a great new read. Pam Atkins