Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Graphic Novel Update

So, I think most of you probably know I've been toying with the idea Of creating a graphic novel of my book, To Kill A Warlock. Think a comic book more for adults.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that my idea hasn’t been killed as of yet. I found
A fantastic artist and he’s created some sketches of my characters that are amazing.
I think Warlock will lend itself well because there is a ton of action in it. I’m trying to imagine something along the lines of the Anita Blake graphic novels.

So, what we are thinking is that we will release the graphic novel in stages, like
Episodes. Why? Because it takes a really long time to draw out each chapter.
So, there are a total of 22 chapters and we were thinking of releasing about 3-4 chapters as a time, as episodes. Then, once all the episodes are finalized, we’d release them as one book.

What are your thoughts about reading graphic novels? It seems like the industry might
Be heading that direction with books like Twilight and Anita Blake being turned into
Graphic novels. I’ve always thought they were kind of cool…


  1. This sounds pretty awesome! I am a big fan of Manga/graphic novels.

  2. Hi Rayvenne,
    Thanks for the post and I'm excited to hear you think it's awesome! I'm waiting to see the rough draft of my first chapter. So exciting!!!

  3. I think graphic novels are fun, especially with paranormals. But I have to admit I rarely read them. Mostly just because my TBR pile is too high though. Just too many books to read!