Monday, August 16, 2010

Sixteen Candles, Love!

The other day I was watching Sixteen Candles with my 14 year old niece. (Makes me sound crazy old, doesn't it? LOL She's my niece by marriage. Hey, I'm only 33).

Anyway, she said Sixteen Candles is now her favorite movie ever, even slightly better than Eclipse. How cool is that?

I was always a mondo fan of the Brat Pack movies--Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club.
And, yes, I love love love Sixteen Candles. That movie was pretty darn funny--the line about Long Duck Dong taking the grandparent's automobile makes me crack up even after seeing it 10+ times.

I would have to say my fav fav though is The Breakfast Club. And I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but every time I watch the ending, where the nerdy guy reads the letter, I get teary eyed.


  1. I loved those movies too! Not sure if i like pretty in pink or 16 candles better. Might be leaning toward pretty in pink. Has she seen that one yet?

  2. She has seen pretty in pink and that was her third fav. She liked 16, Breakfast Club then Pink.

  3. Loved the Breakfast Club. Does that date me now? LOL