Thursday, August 5, 2010

Results of my survey so far

Hi Guys,

So here are some preliminary results so far, in case you are interested:(This is for Fire Burn):

Average rating: 4.2

Who is sexier, Rand or Sinjin:
Rand 85.7%, Sinjin 14.3%

Who would you most want to see more of in book 2:
Rand 57.1%, Sinjin 28.6%, Odran 14.3%

Was there enough sensuality in the book?
Yes 42.9%, Yes but there could have been more 42.9%, No 14.3%

When it comes to sex scenes, would you rather:
just mention it 0%, describe it in detail 100% (randy bunch you are!)

Who is sexier
Rand 85.7% Odran 14.3%

Who should Jolie end up with?
Rand 85.7%, Sinjin 14.3%

Is it ok if Jolie kisses more than one person?
Yes 100%

Is it ok if Jolie has sex with more than one person?
Yes 57.1%, No 42.9%

Fun stuff! If you haven't taken the survey yet and you want to, just visit:

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble survey:


To Kill A Warlock survey:

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