Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look how gorgeous this cover is!

So I just loaded three new authors to the indie site over at and I just have to share this amazing cover with you!

Is that gorgeous or what? The book is by Daniel Arenson and here is a synopsis:

Outcast from Hell. Banished from Heaven. Lost on Earth.

The battle of Armageddon was finally fought... and ended with no clear victor. Upon
the mountain, the armies of Hell and Heaven beat each other into a bloody, uneasy
standstill, leaving the Earth in ruins. Armageddon should have ended with Heaven winning, ushering in an era of peace. That's what the prophecies said. Instead, the two armies--one of angels, one of demons--hunker down in the scorched planet, lick their wounds, and gear up for a prolonged war with no end in sight.

In this chaos of warring armies and ruined landscapes, Laila doesn't want to take sides. Her mother was an angel, her father a demon; she is outcast from both camps. And yet both armies need her, for with her mixed blood, Laila can become the ultimate spy... or ultimate soldier. As the armies of Heaven and Hell pursue her, Laila's only war is within her heart--a struggle between her demonic and heavenly blood.

OK so that one is on my reading list fo sure!! It would have made it just based on the cover alone but that description is pretty freakin' amazing as well!

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