Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday!

Woo Hoo, it's the end of the week.

So, tonight I'm headed out to Indiana for my day job (online marketing). I have a conference at this super cool place called The West Baden Springs Hotel which was constructed way back when in the 1800s. So fun! Well, it's also a golf resort so guess what the hubby is going to be doing? And, might I add, in 95 degree weather with 100% humidity! Ouch!

In book news, I just finished chapter 2 of Fire Burn and hope to start on Chapter 3 today. It's coming along swimmingly! LOL

I need to get off my tushca and start writing chapter one of the follow up to Warlock. I have the outline and some ideas swimming around in my head but that's it for now.

I did get the IPAD for my bday and I'm loving it! What is great is that I'll now be able to write wherever I am which was something I sorely needed to be able to do.

More to come later and thanks again to all of you who took the surveys on Fire Burn and Warlock. Very interesting results so far!!!

And I've kept your responses in mind as I work on my follow up books!

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  1. How long are you keeping the surveys up? I need to go back and put my vote in. Rand or SinJin, Rand or Sinjin, Rand or Sinjin... ahh! I just can't decide!