Friday, August 13, 2010

Graphic Novels

So, I've been thinking more and more about turning Fire Burn into a graphic novel (think comic book). And if it's successful, I'll do the same for To Kill A Warlock.

I talked about this in my last post but realized I didn't offer any links so people could see just what a graphic novel looks like. I compare them to comic books but they are pretty different (none of that dot stuff--this is full on art!)

Here's a link to the first book in the Anita Blake series: Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures

And here is a link to the first book of the Twilight series: Twilight

Pretty neat, don't you think? I have always been fascinated with how other people visualize characters I read about, whether in movies, TV or art.

So, I ask all of you, would you read a graphic novel of Fire Burn or Warlock?

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