Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glad I didn't sell out!

This morning I was thinking about the fact that before I turned indie, I was sending out queries by the hundreds and although I always got requests for fulls or partials, nothing ever panned out.
And this, mind you, is after having landed a major NY agent about two years ago and where did that go? All of nowhere.
The last response I had received from 2 agents who said they really loved my books fell along these lines: Love your writing, love your story but it's got too much humor in it. Urban fantasy needs to be dark. Rewrite and it will be considered more seriously.
Well, I never did rewrite it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it because it would completely alter my books. And I think the humor in them makes them totally unique and makes them fun to read.
And I'm so glad I stayed true to myself. The last few reviews I've seen have been from people who really appreciated the light tone and who made a point to say they liked the break from the ordinary dark and heavy urban fantasy.
So, thank you reviewers! You've renewed my faith in myself!!

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  1. You know I love your books! And honestly you'll probably make more this first year than you would with many NY publishers. I think people are staring to realize this. I def. am.